BrandArena: Sony Moves International Media To MediaCom

Friday, 21 June 2013

Sony Moves International Media To MediaCom

Sony has awarded the global media planning account for its mobile arm and the European media business for its electronics division to MediaCom, following a competitive pitch process.

Sony Mobile: global media planning account moves to MediaCom
Sony has selected WPP's Mediacom to handle media for its worldwide mobile business and support electronics in various global markets.

Sony said: "As we seek to further leverage the synergies across the Sony product portfolio, following a review of its media-buying agency support, Sony Mobile (global) and Sony Electronics (Sony Europe) has appointed MediaCom as its partner for media buying requirements, covering global and European remits respectively. The partnership will commence June 2013."

The media activity for Sony PlayStation and Sony Pictures was not included in the review process.

The move to review both mobile and electronics came on the heels of an organizational shift within Sony Corp. In 2011, the company announced plans to acquire Ericsson's shares of mobile group Sony Ericsson. A year later, the Sony Ericsson group became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corp.

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