BrandArena: Huawei Unveils Ultra-Wideband RRU at 2013 Indonesia LTE TDD Summit

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Huawei Unveils Ultra-Wideband RRU at 2013 Indonesia LTE TDD Summit

One of the leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, Huawei, recently unveiled a new Ultra-Wideband RRU product at the 2013 Indonesia LTE TDD Summit.

Each Ultra-Wideband RRU product supports a maximum instantaneous bandwidth (IBW) of 80 MHz to help operators worldwide make use of new LTE TDD spectrum licenses as they become available.

Only one Ultra-Wideband RRU product for LTE TDD can simultaneously support up to four 20 MHz carriers with 4×4 MIMO and CA (carrier aggregation) technologies, and can provide a blazingly fast 1 Gb/s single user downlink throughput rate.

The product is part of a comprehensive solution for simplifying future network expansions while protecting investments in existing operator assets. By innovatively enabling higher flexibility for new spectrum releases, Ultra-Wideband RRU sets an industry milestone for further acceleration of LTE TDD commercial network deployment worldwide.

It supports flexibly adding new spectrum bands via software upgrades and utilizes a highly efficient power amplifier for providing a wider coverage area using the same amount of consumed power as industry-average RRU solutions to cut down on OPEX and allow for adding capacity on-demand. It also employs combiners to cut back on wireless signal link loss for better overall mobile broadband network performance.

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