BrandArena: Norton Mobile Security Adds Protection for iOS, Simplifies User Experience

Thursday 2 May 2013

Norton Mobile Security Adds Protection for iOS, Simplifies User Experience

Today, Norton by Symantec has released the latest version of its flagship mobile offering, Norton Mobile Security. The new Norton Mobile Security delivers powerful protection for consumers’ mobile needs, including support for iOS devices, contacts backup and an improved user experience.

Mobile phones are an integral part of consumers’ lives, with two-thirds of adults worldwide reporting they use a mobile device to access the Internet. However, one in three mobile device users have had a device lost or stolen, putting their sensitive information at risk1. Norton Mobile Security helps consumers keep their device secure, recover a lost or stolen device and prevent strangers from accessing their information.

“It’s no secret that people are using mobile devices more than ever in their daily lives, for everything from connecting with friends to paying for a cup of coffee,” said Dave Cole, vice president, product management, Consumer Business Unit, Symantec Corporation. “Your phone may not just be your phone

– it may be your wallet, identity card, address book and family photo album. As we use our phones in new ways, we’re also putting sensitive information at risk if the device gets lost or stolen. With the latest version of Norton Mobile Security, we are making it simple for people to stay protected on whichever device they choose.”

Norton Mobile Security offers new and improved features including: Multi-Device, Multi-Platform Support – Now protects a consumer’s multiple devices, including Android smartphones and tablets, as well as iPhones and iPads

Norton Cybercrime Report, Symantec Corporation, September 2012

Contacts Backup & Restore – Saves contacts from a user’s Android or iOS device so that they can be easily restored if lost or deleted. Contacts can also be restored across devices Web-Based Management – Lets consumers control the security of their devices with simplicity and ease, from one convenient place on the Web

“Scream” Alarm – Sets off an audible alarm so consumers can quickly find their missing

Android mobile device

Remote Locate – Pinpoints a lost or stolen device on a map so users can find it fast

Pricing & Availability

Norton Mobile Security has an MSRP of N3,500 and is available for purchase via various retailers, the Norton online store or Google Play. In addition, Norton 360 Multi-Device and Norton One will be updated with the features in the latest release of Norton Mobile Security. Norton customers with a valid product subscription are eligible to receive the latest product updates via the subscription service model.

For more information, visit the Norton Update center at Consumers can visit to learn more and try Norton Mobile Security Lite for free.

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  1. Hmmm... Thank you so much BrandArena for this update. I have been searching for such related info lately...

  2. Very important update you depicted for us particularly for the mobile users who are thinking of keeping their device safe and secured from the any attack or malware or unwanted harmful virus. I think most of the internet users know about how popular the Norton security service whether it is for android or iphone or even destop or laptop. Hope the new norton mobile security offering reached the phone protection to an extra level and of course thanks for this excellent news. Just one thinking always pinch me what if hackers try to hack my cell phone? Will this software be enough to protect or I I have to take hire a hacker for cell phone online service?