BrandArena: Google Africa Launches World’s First TabletCafé in Senegal

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Google Africa Launches World’s First TabletCafé in Senegal

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In a bid to increase internet access in a more affordable, interactive way, Google Africa has launched the world’s first TabletCafé in Dakar, Senegal.

The switch has the benefit of lower operating costs in electricity usage, of which the savings will be reinvested in faster connectivity. Users are offered to use the tablets at their own comfort in a booth for video calling, or on a dock with a wireless keyboard. Tablets are equipped with popular, pre-loaded apps, while users can also download desired apps.

"That is why we decided to sponsor the Equinox cybercafé, a typical cybercafé located in Dakar’s vibrant Medina neighborhood, to try out the concept. They have replaced their fleet of computers with 15 tablets, and made them available at the same price as a regular cybercafe computer session at 300 XOF an hour (about $0.60)."

“When customers start a session on the tablet, they will find popular applications ready for immediate use, and can also directly download any application of their choice. They will be able to use the device comfortably seated on a couch, go to a private booth for a video chat or set their tablet on a dock and type away on a wireless keyboard".

"Once the session is finished, the cybercafé staff will help the customer perform a factory reset, to ensure that all of their private data on the device is fully erased.”, a post byAlex Grouet, Business Development Manager at Francophone Africa and Yomi Oyesiku, program manager at Emerging Markets Access on the Google Africa blog reads.

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  1. This is great. Africa need more infrstructural development and internet access has really aid rapid growth so far. Thank U google