BrandArena: Twitter Redesigns Platform for Businesses

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Twitter Redesigns Platform for Businesses

Following the celebration of its 7th birthday last month, Twitter has unveiled a new, redesigned platform for businesses. The site features three big sections, The Art of the Tweet, Terrific Examples, and Tools You Need, which educate users on how to leverage Twitter platform for their businesses.

The online destination offers companies of all sizes a deep insight into how to turn Twitter into a powerful tool for monetization, increasing brand awareness, driving web traffic and more.

The first section unveils basics about the micro-blogging service and tells how to build a Twitter community and use it for marketing purposes. For instance, the 101 sub-section explains Twitter’s terms and details how Twitter can help your business.

The Terrific Examples section features case studies, which can be viewed by industry tactic, product, goal, and company size. The Tools You Need, Twitter also details in a step-by-step fashion how Twitter advertising products: Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets and Analytics work.

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