BrandArena: Huawei wins “Cloud Africa World Forum 2013” Award

Tuesday 30 April 2013

Huawei wins “Cloud Africa World Forum 2013” Award

Huawei has emerged winner of the Informa Cloud Africa award at the Cloud World Forum Africa conference held in Johannesburg.

The company topped other international firms included IBM, Safaricom Business, Intel, HP, ASG, Pamoja, Parallels, to emerge as the winner.

At the conference, Huawei showcased a host of its high-end server, storage, private cloud, public cloud products that elevated it to win the slot, including the Huawei Universal distributed storage system (UDS), Huawei’s E9000 converged infrastructure and Huawei’s OceanStor HVS enterprise-level storage system.

The Huawei Cloud service brokerage on the other hand helps telecommunication providers aggregate abundant Internet as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) into a unified provisioning and management platform accessible by end users.

Huawei’s UDS is designed to provide reliable scalable and cost efficient massive storage solutions, while the E9000 converged infrastructure provides a high performance and high reliability service platform for telecommunication companies.

The OceanStor HVS enterprise level storage system on the other hand is designed for enterprise customers and is a solid foundation for telecommunication service platforms.

Huawei provides infrastructure for establishing a solution platform including computing, storage, engineering design, networks and platform software. Some of the applications showcased have been deployed in Ethiopia, South Africa, and Kenya among other countries in Africa.

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  1. Sundey Aloaye6 May 2013 at 19:50

    Huawei's market penetration in Africa is quite commendable. I hope they can keep biulding on this.