BrandArena: Google Student Ambassadors 2013 Application Commence

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Google Student Ambassadors 2013 Application Commence

In supporting research, technological innovation, and capacity building on both an individual and institutional basis in a variety of programs in universities in Africa, university students from across sub-Saharan Africa can now enrol for the third annual Google Student Ambassadors (GSAs) programme.
Image source: Google Africa Blog
In a statement by the search engine firm, Chukwuemeka Afigbo, Outreach Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa, said: “GSAs are improving collaboration and communication among students and faculty by conducting trainings on tools such as Google Apps for Education, Google+ for Education and YouTube for School”.

The ambassadors will also learn about innovative Google products and programmes and will be responsible in planning and hosting events on campus.

The second year of the program saw tremendous growth as it expanded from 6 to 12 countries, and grew from 28 to 97 universities with 160 Ambassadors within 1 year. The program also held its first training summit in Nairobi.

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