BrandArena: Heineken Unveils New Global Bottle in Abuja

Monday 31 December 2012

Heineken Unveils New Global Bottle in Abuja

Heineken, the world’s leading international premium beer has unveiled a new global bottle to consumers and distributors in Abuja and other towns in the north. The brand, which constantly looks for opportunities to set new world standards, did not disappoint consumers from the north as it held a spectacular unveiling ceremony that elevated the excitement level of consumers and distributors present at the event.

The unveiling ceremony of this new global bottle was held at the prestigious Nicon Luxury hotel in Abuja.  It was a remarkable event that Heineken exploited effectively to set new global standards and hold every guest spell-bound all through the event.
L-R National Trade marketing manager Wietse Mutters ; Regional Business Manager Shaibu Mohammed & Marketing Director Walter Dernth at the Heineken Trade Briefing in Abuja
Speaking after a highly entertaining dance performance that heralded the formal presentation of the new global bottle in a case, Walter Drenth, The Marketing Director of Nigerian Breweries said that Heineken, has been an outstanding brand in Nigeria and the fastest growing beer brand in the country because of its unique packaging and retinue of distributors that ensure that the brand gets to the hands of its consumers wherever they are. He also revealed that the new world class and innovative bottle comes in 60 and 33cl content which is specially designed to match the premium quality that Heineken always delivers.

Revealing how dear the Nigerian market is to Heineken, Drenth said “It is a uniform Heineken bottle across the world and I am proud that Nigeria is one of the first countries to introduce this new design on a returnable bottle. This bottle is designed with true perfection to match the premium quality that Heineken always delivers”.

Taking the audience through the uniqueness of the bottle, The National Trade Marketing, Weitse Mutters stressed that the crown cork is new and improved with a silver rim. The new green neck foil is inspired by the shape of a smile and is now wrapped around a more graceful longer neck. For the 33cl bottle, a longer neck with a red star to symbolize Heineken’s strong heritage is what consumers will see.

The Regional Business Manager- Abuja, Ayo Lawal also took time to explain plans to facilitate the smooth distribution of the new Heineken in the north and what distributors should expect in the coming festive period and in the next few months and years. He said the new bottles and crates will replace the old ones in record time. New promotional incentives and in –bar publicity materials that will enhance sales and patronage were also unveiled to distributors in the north.


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