BrandArena: Nike Football Unveils New CR7 Collection

Monday 12 November 2012

Nike Football Unveils New CR7 Collection

Sport brand, Nike, as unveiled the new CR7 on- and off-pitch collection blends the uncompromising attitude of the world’s most iconic player with an irreverent, bold style that symbolizes Cristiano Ronaldo's approach to life: “Love to win, hate to lose”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Unified by a striking graphic logo of a heart (symbolizing a love of winning) slashed by an X (representing a hatred of losing), "Love to win, hate to lose" is a philosophy that informs and appears on every piece of the collection. This mantra also reflects a collection that reveals two distinct sides of CR7 – a relentless, focused footballer at the peak of his power, and a more irreverent, playful and spontaneous style icon with a love of music who lives life full-on.

Cristiano’s signature CR Mercurial Vapor VIII boot is reworked in classic black and white. A pink plate fades upward from pink to blue, which is sure to stand out on pitch.

Additional training items — a short-sleeve top, Mercurial shin guards and CR Nike 5 Gato shoes, plus a backpack and Prestige ball — all feature this striking black, blue and pink fusion.

Bridging on and off-pitch, the blue, grey and black lifestyle collection elevates classic styles with modern tweaks and singular details that reflect Cristiano’s obsession with perfection.  The CR Collection will be available at retail from November 15.

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  1. Is CR7 only customized for only C. Ronaldo or for everybody to use because I will like to get one.