BrandArena: Safeguard Celebrates Global Handwashing Day with Launch of Doctors on Wheels Program

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Safeguard Celebrates Global Handwashing Day with Launch of Doctors on Wheels Program

Mrs. Chidinma Erue-Ifeanyi, Safeguard, BOIM, Dr. Yinka Goodman, Territorial Manager Society for Family Health, Lagos and Mrs. Mokutima Ajileye, Brand Operations Integration Manager at the Global Hand Washing Day and the Launch of ‘Doctors on Wheels’ Programme in Lagos yesterday.
As part of activities to commemorate the 2012 Global Hand Washing Day (GHWD), Safeguard anti-bacterial soap is set to launch the Doctor on Wheel’s program. To spread the handwashing message even further, Safeguard is partnering with the Society for Family Health (SFH) Nigeria to hold a series of handwashing enlightenment campaigns across Nigeria.

The ‘Doctors on wheels’ programme is a nation-wide program that would serve to raise public awareness on the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent the spread of diseases. ‘Safeguard Doctors on Wheels’ program would provide members of the public with the added opportunity to have basic health checks and medical consultation by a qualified medical doctor.

 “Through its partnerships with health experts around the world, Safeguard has been instrumental in demonstrating that handwashing with soap can help save lives by helping prevent the spread of illnesses” commented Mokutima Ajileye, P&G Brand Operations Integrations leader for West Africa. “I’m delighted for Safeguard to partner with the Society for Family Health to spread this message to the Nigerian people as we unite on Global Handwashing Day to raise awareness of the importance of handwashing with soap. P&G’s Safeguard soap, endorsed by the African Medical Association (AfMA) has antibacterial properties that prevent disease. Unlike ordinary soaps, Safeguard’s unique formulation prevents re-growth of skin germs for up to 12 hours after washing.”

The GHWD started in 2008 and is now celebrated every year on October 15. The objective of the commemoration is to foster and support a global culture of hand washing with soap, shine a spotlight on the state of hand washing in every community and raise awareness about the benefits of hand washing with soap.

Published research has indicated that handwashing with soap can reduce diarrhoea and pneumonia risks by up to 50%.  In light of this evidence, handwashing with soap has been referred to as ‘the most important medical remedy for children in developing countries.’ Yet, published data suggests that despite its potential, handwashing with soap is seldom practiced and not always easy to promote.


  1. dis is a nice initiative

  2. This is great. Safeguard really improving it markey share in Nigeria. Kudos to U Mr. Moyo

  3. Dr. B. A. Stella22 October 2012 at 13:38

    I'm a doctor and I'm interested in this programme. I think the awareness about this is very low. I think P&G need to improve on that. However they are doing a great job.

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