BrandArena: Nwogwugwu, Ozurumba Families Evicted From MDA Academy

Saturday 15 September 2012

Nwogwugwu, Ozurumba Families Evicted From MDA Academy

The Nwogwugwu and Ozurumba families were the first two to be evicted from the Maltina Dance All Academy. After performing the Wazobia and Salsa dance, the families were unable to satisfy the judges with their performance which led to their exit.

Anchored by Kemi Adetiba, the first eviction show had three families lock horns to remain in the Academy. The Okasia, Nwogwugwu and Ozurumba families had been placed on possible eviction list after their Wazobia performance show. After what the judges considered an unsatisfactory performance at the Wazobia performance show, they were given the marching order. Meanwhile, the Okasia family was the only family put up for possible eviction after the Salsa performance.

The Ozurumba family who came on stage to open the show with the Wazobia dance performed very well to the delight of the audience,they were followed by the Nwogwugwu and Okasia families who impressed the judges with their performances.

Muyiwa Osinaike, one of the judges, said most of the families who have participated at the
eviction show down from the past till present always come back to the stage with so much vibrancy and determination, he thus commended them for their Wazobia performance.
The second dance category performed by they contestants was the Salsa dance the stage where the set was opened by the Nwogwugwufamily; followed by the Okasia and  Ozurumba families respectively.

When it was time for the judges to announce the families that would be evicted the tension in the atmosphere was obvious even as theyfound it quite challenging determining the two families that would leave the academy. One of the judges Janell Bugress, a professional dancer who spoke said the salsa performance from the three families was not as encouraging as she felt they all came on stage to convince them but there was no flexibility in their performance.

 After much deliberations, the judges collectively reached the conclusion that the Nwogwugwu and Ozurumba families did not prove that they could make it to the next phase of the competition therefore leading to their eviction. While stating some of the reasons for their eviction earlier in an emotion laden voice, Michael Adegoke, a judge, said both families improved a little but not as much as he thought they would. He emphasized on the fact that the Ozurumba family changed their routine which was not necessary and their performance was not coordinated.

The other judge, Muyiwa Osinaike, said the Nwogwugwu familiy lacked the basic elements of Salsa and also their performance was a comedy of error because he did not feel the power and technic needed for salsa used by them.

Matilda Ozurumba, the family representative of the Ozurumba family, who could not contain her tears and emotions, said she felt her family did the best they could but would have been happy if they had made it to the next level in the competition as she felt her family still had a lot to offer. Describing her experience in the MDA academy, Matilda said “I knew right from when I got here that the academy was going to be tough as it was filled with many strong families but above all I thank Maltina for the opportunity given my family and I to get to this stage.”
Brainie Nwogwugwu, from the evicted Nwogwugwu family, commended maltina for the opportunity they provided that enabled him to learn new dance styles, he said he will take to the judges corrections and improve on his dance outside the academy.

Senior Brand Manager Maltina Mrs. Ngozi Nkwoji said Maltina Dance All is one way among many that NB Plc is restating its brand values. “MDA is about the dancer’s creative ability, knowledge of different dance styles, stamina and fitness. The task is no doubt enormous but it is a delight to see the result it has been producing in the last 5 seasons. Some of the dancers have taken their career further than the Maltina Dance All stage; while some are dancing locally others are doing it internationally”. She revealed.

The Maltina Dance All season 6 winning family will now take home N6 million in addition to a brand new car, while the first and  second runners up will take home N1 million and N500,000 respectively. The show is in tune with the brands promise of “Sharing happiness,” creating excitement, fun and nourishment for the entire family, it is equally a reality show where families strive to outdo each other by showcasing different types of dance steps and styles to compete for the star prizeBe useful. Be unique. Be engaging.


  1. I think I could see the eviction coming for the Nwogwugwu family though I was a bit impressed by the Ozurumba sha

  2. Haaa... Nwogwugwu and Ozurumba families under-perform joorrh

  3. der performance was not too good truly

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