BrandArena: Etisalat Introduces 'DotMe' in Nigeria

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Etisalat Introduces 'DotMe' in Nigeria

In line with its promise to continuously offer its customers innovative telecomm solutions, Etisalat Nigeria has introduced a new service known as DotMe, an sms-based message service that enables Etisalat mobile phone subscribers to publish information on their mobile number via SMS while on the go.
The service marked the first of it kind in Nigeria. According to Etisalat, the SMS-based social bulletin board acts like a personal bulletin board that enables users to instantly publish information from their mobile via SMS, and which can easily be retrieved by their contacts, or any other persons on demand via SMS.

DotMe is an innovative new way to quickly share information with more people will prove useful to both individuals from all works of life, businesses, and other organisations like churches, mosques, and government organisations.

To use this service, a dotter simply sends a message or an update to the service code 8900. This can then be accessed on demand by his or her followers on any network anywhere in the world as long as he/she has the dotter’s Etisalat mobile phone number.

For a start, the dotter invites his or her contacts to follow his or her posts by asking them to text a dot, that is a full stop (.) to his or her Etisalat mobile number to retrieve his or her status, and updates this status regularly while follower just need to send a dot to the etisalat mobile number of your dotter, and you are able to receive the last post of the person you are following. For instance, sending a dot (.) to 0809xxxxxxx would result in a response SMS with the last post of the dotter.

It complements the voice and text capabilities of mobile phones by offering a simple and ubiquitous publishing capability. The service costs one naira for posting one’s status or information using the service. The Etisalat DotMe posts are also accessible to customers of other networks. It cost one naira for etisalat customers to follow while non-etisalat customer in Nigeria and the world can follow at the normal SMS rates. The service is available for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers and does not require any subscription.

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