Wednesday, 11 May 2016

When The GTB First Food & Drink Fair Hold In Lagos

For connoisseurs of taste that were present at the much anticipated 2-day first Food & Drink Fair  hosted by GTBank on 1st and 2nd of May, the experience was one of its kind in Nigeria. The fair served as the perfect destination for those who needed a plan for the long weekend caused by the Worker’s Day holiday.

Aside from sampling of food and socialising, there were master class cooking sessions on both days by invited chefs who showed their fantastic culinary skills to the keen audience.

A total of 11 chefs, Raphael Duntoye, Ozoz Sokoh, Michael Elegbede, Tiyan Alile, Marcus Samuelsson, Michael Elegbede , Gbubemi ‘Chef Fregz’ Fregene, Uzo Orimalade, Iquo & Atim Ukoh, Alex Oke, Dunni Obata took turns to share their cooking secret with the participants.

Chef Raphael Duntoye, was accompanied by one of his chefs and together they whipped up mouth watering dishes of chicken and pasta that the audience was lucky enough to get a taste of.

Chef Ozoz Sokoh was the opening act at the first edition of the #GTBankFoodDrink fair master class cooking session.Ozoz, popularly known as ‘Kitchnbutterfly’ proudly displayed her heritage in a T-shirt that had Warri emblazoned on it as she kicked off her cooking session.

Selecting helping hands from the audience, she showed her impressive culinary skills making dishes out of paw paw and afterwards, the audience had the opportunity of tasting the food whose aroma had pleasantly serenaded them throughout the session.

Beginning the second day of the fair mother and daughter chefs, Iquo Ukoh of 1Q Food Platter and daughter Atim Ukoh of Afrolems staged a cooking competition. The duo were enthusiastically applauded by their fans as they incorporated cocoyam, mangoes, mackerel, potatoes and tomatoes into their recipe.

Food blogger Dunni Obata of Dooney’s Kitchen rounded up the free 2-day master class cooking session at the GTBank food and drink fair. Her session was divided into parts, first she showed the audience the amazing tricks that can be performed with a food processor. Dunni made pounded yam, peeled beans, diced peppers and cut okra all with a food processor.

While Dunni served some of her audience, a piece of meat fell on the floor and it was unbelievable to see a crowd of people rush hysterically towards it in hopes of picking it up, that’s how delicious the food was.

She made asun with yajichurri sauce and her dish of okra pepper soup caused a frenzy in the crowd during the tasting. For the ultimate source of moral support, she came with her darling mother who revealed that she made Dunni start cooking at the tender age of 10.

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