Tuesday, 24 September 2013

MyAsho.com, MyAshomarket.com Re-launch in Grand Style

L-R Pix shows My Asho Model, Kayla, label Owners Dolapo Shobanjo and Dolapo James at the relaunch of MyAsho.com and MyAshomarket.com in London, United Kingdom recently
Style aficionados now have less to worry about keeping their wardrobe stocked with unique pieces of wares and accessories that make them stand out at different occasion with the launch of MyAsho.com and MyAshomarket.com, a twin online fashion store. The re-launch which held at 56 Wells Street, London W1, saw the emergence of two sites.

According to Shobanjo, the two sites offer one-off designs because MyAsho.com and MyAshomarket.com encourage individuality. She disclosed that the clothes will be ethically hand-crafted and of limited supply adding that their exclusivity and innovation will reflect a new world of beautifully distinctive product.

“MyAshomarket.com is aimed at providing fast fashion items for women who crave individuality at great and affordable prices. The products offered on MyAshomarket.com allow the fashion savvy shopper to keep up to date with the latest trends, whilst retaining a sense of individuality with unique pieces” She stated.

Speaking further at the very colourful launch Shobanjo added that “The clothes and accessories available on MyAshomarket.com boast of an array of different cuts and styles, with spectacular detail and bold patterns that are guaranteed to make the individual stand out for all the right reasons.”

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