Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Nokia Asha Developer Competition Opens with € 230,000 in Reward

In line with Nokia’s mission of bringing affordable smartphone experience to developing countries, which led to the launch of Asha 501, the company has also initiated a global app developer competition inviting tech minds to come up with their fresh apps for the new affordable device.

According to Nokia, the competition is aimed at encouraging the international community of app developers to accept the challenge for three major reasons: experience, fame and glory, of course. The submissions are accepted in four major categories: Music & Entertainment, News&Info, Games, and Utilities & Productivity — through August 2.

The participants of the Asha Developer Competition will be competing for a chance to win € 230,000. Starting June 1st 2013 the first 250 developers who port an existing or create a new Java application or for the first 100 developers who port an existing or create a new Web App for the New Nokia Asha 501 will get a New Nokia Asha 501 phone. The apps need to be developed by using Nokia Asha SDK 1.0 or Nokia Asha web app tools 3.0 and they need to be also published to Nokia Store before they make an eligible entry for competition.

The company will select winners in each of the category, awarding cash prizes worth €25,000 for 1st position winner, €15,000 for 2nd position, & €10,000 for the third position winner. On top of that, winners will be specially promoted in Nokia-owned channels and presented in Nokia Devel-oper communications.


  1. Nice one. Kudos to Nokia on this great youth competition - I'm sure the world look up to the winner who would be expected to be tech guru of the future

  2. Wow! This is quite good. No doubt it will facilitate in interest of young kids in tech development