BrandArena: Oando Foundation Collaborates with Plateau SUBEB to Enhance Early Childhood Education in 10 Schools

Wednesday 26 June 2024

Oando Foundation Collaborates with Plateau SUBEB to Enhance Early Childhood Education in 10 Schools

...boosts access to quality early development and learning opportunities

Oando Foundation, a leading advocate for quality education in Nigeria, has joined forces with the Plateau State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) to enhance the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) program in 10 schools across the state. This strategic initiative aims to bridge critical gaps in early childhood education through infrastructure upgrades, provision of age-appropriate instructional materials, and strengthening teacher capacity.

Early childhood development is pivotal to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 4.2.1, which targets equitable access to quality early childhood development and learning opportunities for all children by 2030. In Nigeria, ECCD faces significant challenges such as inadequate funding, teacher capacity gaps, and poor implementation of national policies on integrated early childhood development. According to the National Population Commission of Nigeria, only 10% of children aged 3-5 have access to pre-primary education, underscoring the urgent need for enhanced support and investment in ECCD.

Oando Foundation’s intervention is designed to fill these gaps by creating a solid foundation for young learners. "We aim to support young learners with the right learning environment and necessary learning tools to thrive," said Ms. Tonia Uduimoh, Programmes Manager, Oando Foundation. "This is essential as the first five years of a child’s life are vital for cognitive development and their experiences through these early years form the foundation for lifelong learning. As a Foundation, we believe that Nigeria’s ability to capitalize on the prosperity embedded in its people requires focused investments in human capital, starting at the early years as a critical foundation."

Leveraging strategic partnership with Plateau SUBEB, the Foundation has expanded the reach of its ECCD intervention to 10 schools across the state, including Obasanjo Model Schools A – C, Army Children School, Pilot Science Primary school, Our lady of Fatima Primary School, Jos Kufam Primary School, among others. The schools have been upgraded with fully functional ECCD classes, including interactive literacy and numeracy corners, gross motor skills sections, instructional materials, among others. Through an immersive training experience, educators were equipped with the tools, strategies, and pedagogical approaches needed to foster quality early childhood learning. 

To date, Oando Foundation has upgraded 21 early childcare centers, benefiting over 4,851 children. This initiative is part of the Foundation’s broader LEARNOVATE strategy that prioritizes innovation and investments in foundational learning, creating better life opportunities for children and youth through equitable, quality, and climate-sensitive education.

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