BrandArena: Opera Mini Introduces PIN-Protected Browsing with Locked Mode

Thursday 30 May 2024

Opera Mini Introduces PIN-Protected Browsing with Locked Mode

Opera, a leading global browser innovator, has unveiled a groundbreaking privacy feature for Opera Mini: Locked Mode. This new feature offers PIN-protected browsing, addressing the growing demand for enhanced privacy among mobile users. With Locked Mode, users can set a separate PIN to safeguard their tabs, browsing history, and stored data, providing them with unprecedented control over their mobile browsing experience.

Catering to the 94% of mobile users seeking heightened password protection, Locked Mode offers peace of mind, especially when sharing devices with family or friends. This innovative feature allows users to confidently share their phones, knowing that their browsing activity and personal data are secure and accessible only to them. By simply toggling between regular browsing and Locked Mode, users can ensure that sensitive information, such as medical records or financial statements, remains strictly private.

Opera Mini's Locked Mode represents a significant advancement in mobile browsing privacy, empowering users to take charge of their online security without compromising convenience.

"Opera Mini's new PIN-Locked Browsing and Private Downloads redefine how users experience the web on shared devices, ensuring that personal information remains personal. By focusing on what users need most – privacy and security – Opera Mini is setting new standards in mobile browsing,” said Jørgen Arnesen, EVP of Mobile at Opera. “This commitment is transforming user interactions on shared devices, building a foundation of trust and reliability that stands at the forefront of the mobile industry."

PIN-protected Browsing

Unlike in most browsers, Opera Mini users will be prompted to set a unique PIN that is different to their device PIN when activating Locked Mode for the first time. This enhances control over privacy, particularly for users who are prone to sharing an unlocked device with friends and family. Once Locked Mode is activated, all new tabs opened and data entered – such as URLs and search queries – are encrypted. These tabs and data are visible only when Locked Mode is active and unlocked with the correct PIN. Furthermore, the browsing history within Locked Mode remains inaccessible from the standard browsing mode, ensuring that any sites visited or searches made are kept private and visible only when Locked Mode is re-entered.

Users can activate Locked Mode from the O-Menu or through the tabs switcher view in Opera Mini, allowing for an easy switch between standard and secure browsing modes.

Responding to User Demand for Privacy 

Opera's commitment to privacy is a response to clear user preferences. Brand surveys in markets such as Nigeria and Kenya show that privacy is the primary factor driving browser selection, with more than 90% of users citing it as crucial. PIN-Locked Browsing directly addresses these concerns, offering a solution that prevents unauthorized access and ensures that personal information remains confidential. Previously, Opera Mini has introduced Private Downloads as a first step towards completely private browsing that will be achieved with the latest update.

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