BrandArena: ECOCERT Renews WACOT's Certification to Export Organic Sesame

Thursday 4 April 2024

ECOCERT Renews WACOT's Certification to Export Organic Sesame

In a notable development for the organic food market, WACOT Limited, a subsidiary of the TGI Group, has successfully renewed its prestigious certification from ECOCERT, reaffirming its capability to export organic sesame. This renewal underscores WACOT's commitment to international standards and elevates Jigawa state as a key player in the organic sesame trade for both the US and global markets.

ECOCERT, a renowned authority in organic certification based in France, reinstated its confidence in WACOT by renewing two critical certifications on January 26, 2024. These certifications validate WACOT's meticulous processes for preparing, storing, and exporting organic sesame from its facilities in Ikeja, Lagos, and Gumel, Jigawa State. This endorsement underscores WACOT's dedication to sustainable agriculture and quality assurance across its operations in Nigeria.

The first certification, the EU Ecocert Organic Standard (EOS), confirms WACOT's compliance with the EU Regulation (EU) 2018/848 on organic production and labelling, facilitating exports to Europe and Great Britain. Simultaneously, the second certification, compliant with the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP), further solidifies WACOT's adherence to stringent organic standards.

Rahul Savara, Group Managing Director of TGI Group, expressed pride in this achievement, stating, "This certification renewal from ECOCERT validates our commitment to sustainable and organic agriculture and strengthens our ability to meet the increasing global demand for organic sesame."

Alhaji Sheriff Balogun, National President of the Sesame Seed Association of Nigeria and President of the Federation of Agricultural Commodities Association of Nigeria (FACAN), commended WACOT's certification renewal, emphasizing its significance for Nigeria's agricultural prominence in the global market. He stated, "Celebrating WACOT's ECOCERT certification not only acknowledges their dedication to organic sesame exports but also underscores Nigeria's position in the global commodities market."

Yosola Onanuga, Head of Sustainability at TGI Group, highlighted the broader impact of this renewal, noting, "It underscores our collective efforts in promoting sustainable farming practices and enhancing the livelihoods of over 10,000 farmers through our initiatives in Jigawa State."

As a leading sesame producer globally, Nigeria exports approximately 80% of its production annually, with WACOT at the forefront of this endeavor. Over the past six years, WACOT has improved agricultural practices and yields while providing extensive support to farmers, including through initiatives like the WACOT Sesame Academy and input credit financing totaling over ₦1 billion.

With the global sesame market projected to reach USD 21.57 billion by 2028, WACOT Limited's role remains vital. This certification renewal signifies a significant milestone for WACOT and Nigeria's agricultural sector, setting the stage for continued growth, innovation, and sustainability in the years ahead.

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