BrandArena: Technogym Launches Global Social Campaign to Promote Wellness and Physical Exercise

Thursday 7 March 2024

Technogym Launches Global Social Campaign to Promote Wellness and Physical Exercise

Technogym, a leading company in gym equipment for fitness clubs, sports centres, medical centres and home training, has unveiled its latest social challenge, "Let's Move for a Better World," aimed at encouraging individuals to prioritize their health while making a positive impact on others.

Scheduled from March 12 to March 27, 2024, this initiative rallies the global fitness community to combat physical inactivity by accumulating "MOVEs," Technogym's unit of measure for movement. Individuals are encouraged to track their activity levels through Technogym's connected environment, with the goal of exceeding 1000 MOVEs per day to maintain an active lifestyle.

Through the Technogym App, participants can seamlessly join the challenge, tracking various activities, whether indoors, outdoors, or during daily routines. Notably, engagement in the challenge earns participants two months of Premium Content access and unlocks achievement badges within the app.

Moreover, fitness facilities can participate by integrating with the Technogym Ecosystem, allowing members to track their exercise and contribute to collective MOVE counts. Facilities achieving predefined targets stand to win Technogym products for donation to non-profit organizations or educational institutions, fostering community support and social responsibility.

"Let's Move for a Better World" underscores Technogym's longstanding commitment to global wellness initiatives. By promoting physical activity and healthy habits, the campaign aims to create a sustainable society while educating future generations on the importance of personal health.

The campaign also serves as a testament to Technogym's partnership with fitness clubs worldwide, leveraging their influence to advance the Wellness vision and engage individuals in regular exercise.

Technogym is also calling on volunteers to join the movement as it inspire participants and communities to embrace an active lifestyle and be part of a global network committed to moving together towards better health and wellness.

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