BrandArena: Emirates now provides In-Flight Meal Preordering across 92 locations

Thursday 26 October 2023

Emirates now provides In-Flight Meal Preordering across 92 locations

Emirates Inflight Meal Preordering Service is now available on 92 routes worldwide, with 30 additional routes, including Riyadh, Jeddah, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kuala Lumpur, launching today. More than 10,000 preorders have now been delivered on over 3,000 flights, and Emirates customers place more than 600 meal preorders daily.

The new service allows Business Class guests to choose their main dish 14 days to 24 hours before their aircraft departure, guaranteeing they get their preferred option every time and helping to decrease food waste. Pan-fried beef tenderloin with thyme jus, roasted new potato wedges and steamed asparagus, as well as grilled beef tenderloin with creamy wild mushroom sauce, Kenya beans and potato gratin and finally Suffolk roasted chicken with black garlic and potato fondant, have been the most popular preorder dishes thus far. So far, the most popular breakfast item has been the cheddar cheese and chive omelette with creamy spinach, sautéed Portobello mushroom, and roasted herbed tomato.

Passengers on Emirates flights enjoy a fantastic dining experience in the sky, passengers are invited to browse the onboard menu on or on the Emirates app to choose from a selection of regionally inspired dishes with locally sourced ingredients, up to a fortnight before a flight. Business Class meals include a choice of chef-crafted dishes such as chocolate hazelnut pancakes with apricot compote and ricotta sour cream for breakfast, Moroccan-style Pacific cod served with coriander pesto, moghrabieh with saffron tomato salsa, broccoli and roasted pumpkin with cardamom for lunch, and pan-fried salmon trout with saffron cream, blanched green beans, braised beetroot and polenta with spring onions for dinner.

Onboard the aircraft, cabin crew will use Apple devices to view the preordered selection and serve the passenger their choice of dish. Meal preordering is an addition to the existing suite of AI-enabled customer preference tracking data and cabin crew reports onboard Emirates, facilitating menu planning, optimal food loading and waste minimization.

Digitally enabled journeys and innovation are a core focus at Emirates. The preordering meal service is complemented by website check-in and app check-in, the option of digital boarding passes and itinerary management, access to digital inflight menus, easy sign-up to Skywards to immediately access free Wi-Fi messaging onboard, and ice inflight entertainment playlist curation in advance of a flight.

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