BrandArena: ARCON constitutes two key committees, confirms date for 2023 National Advertising Conference

Wednesday 4 October 2023

ARCON constitutes two key committees, confirms date for 2023 National Advertising Conference

December 6th to 8th, 2023 has been confirmed for the National Advertising Conference which will take place in Abuja, the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) has announced.

According to a statement released by the conference's organisers, this year's conference will be significant since top industry figures will be there to discuss the event's theme, "Marketing Communications As An Enabler For National Transformation."

The Tunji Adeyinka-led organising committee, which is composed of marketing communications players from several sectorial organisations of the country's advertising business, carefully chose the conference's theme. Its mission is to satisfy the needs of the current economic climate, communicate for positive change in the brand world and in the business objectives of clients, and thereby support the flagging national economy.

The importance of marketing communications in promoting national transformation has grown in an ever-changing global environment. We are on the cusp of development right now, and if we want to see positive change at the federal level, we must harness the power of strategic marketing communications.

The Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN) President, Steve Babaeko, and Femi Adelusi, the current President of the Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MIPAN), respectively, chaired the Brand Nigeria Committee and the GDP Multiplier Committee, respectively, with a keen focus on making sure that this event is both informative and helpful to practitioners and the economy.

On October 2, 2023, these committees were officially established at a press conference held at the L'eola Hotel in Maryland, Lagos. Distinguished individuals from the Nigerian advertising industry, including Steve Babaeko, President of AAAN; Tunji Adeyinka, Chairman of the Planning Committee NAC; Femi Adelusi, President of MIPAN; Tolulope Medebem, President of EXMAN (represented by Angela Makinwa, Director of Client Engagement, Strategy & Creative at EXP Marketing Nigeria); and Mr. Joe-Eugene Onuorah, rpa, Director of Registration at NAC, along with members and representatives from various media organizations.

The Director General of ARCON, Lekan Fadolapo, clarified the mandate of the Brand Nigeria Committee, stating that the initiative attempts to evaluate Nigeria as a brand and develop a campaign to improve the nation's reputation on the global stage. "This is our industry's endeavour to accurately position Nigeria's brand among the committee of nations," said Fadolapo. "We understand that experts are the most qualified for this job. We will carefully evaluate each component of our brand Nigeria as part of the National Advertising Conference for 2023 and develop an effective advertising plan".

Steve Babaeko, the Chair of the Brand Nigeria committee, emphasized the committee’s dedication to ensuring that the advertising industry upholds high standards and practices that contribute to a more positive image for Nigeria through the promotion of key initiatives and winning powers that make Nigeria and Nigerians stand out such as the entertainment industry, the movie industry, the advertising industry, and many more. Babaeko asserted, “The reason for the concerns and complaints about our beloved country is our awareness that we can do better, driven by our profound love for Nigeria. This is our only home, regardless of where else we may go. We believe the Brand Nigeria committee will address key challenges and factors affecting the industry.”

The second committee, the GDP Multiplier Committee, has been entrusted with a comprehensive examination of the industry’s activities, including its contribution to the GDP, public perception, operational activities, and the multiplier effect of this contribution on the economy.

According to Fadolapo, "In other marketplaces and eras, advertising expenditures are also assessed in terms of their favourable effects on the economy. The media, agencies, and advertisers are our three main constituents. Employment is created and money moves in and out of this ecosystem. We want to carefully consider these factors and how they help the economy. Our goal is to examine the body of knowledge and all factors influencing the advertising industry.

Both committees have been given the assignment of delivering their conclusions and suggestions at a later time. The advertising sector in Nigeria hopes that ARCON will move forward with these committees and produce a conference that will not only advance professional knowledge but also improve Nigeria's standing and economic well-being.

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