BrandArena: Tor'Q Autofest: Fearless Energy Set to Ignite Car Drifters, Super Bikers for Electrifying Displays

Friday 1 September 2023

Tor'Q Autofest: Fearless Energy Set to Ignite Car Drifters, Super Bikers for Electrifying Displays

Nigeria's number one energy drink, Fearless, from the esteemed stable of Rite Foods Limited, has thrown its weight behind the TOR'Q Autofest scheduled for November 26, 2023, at Eko Hotel, Lagos.

Fearless Energy Drink takes on the role of headline sponsor, aiming to enhance and amplify the car drifting and super bikers' event, promising sensational performances and an even grander spectacle.

Themed 'TOR'Q 23: The Fearless Showdown,' the award-winning Fearless Energy Drink brand is fully geared up to rejuvenate the car drifters and bikers, infusing the positive energy for which the brand is renowned. The event promises a vibrant showcase of talents in auto-sports and motorbike racing.

In light of this sponsorship, Mr. Seleem Adegunwa, Managing Director of Rite Foods, commented, "The premium Fearless Energy Drink brand remains committed to endorsing initiatives that nurture talent across diverse spheres, ensuring the realization of set goals and in the realm of sports entertainment, as evident in our partnership with TOR'Q, we aspire to elevate the platform, offering an exhilarating experience for car drifters, super bikers, and enthusiasts alike."

He said the Fearless energy drink brand which is known for its inventiveness and superior marketing activities in the entertainment industry and auto-sports will ignite the passion of the contenders to effusively excite consumers and fun-seekers, while actively showcasing their talent in motorsports.

On her part, the Assistant Brand Manager of Fearless Energy Drink, in Rite Foods Limited, Kanyinsola Sangowawa, said the market-leading energy drink would continue to support platforms that resonate with the brand's DNA of identifying with activities that improve lives, innovation, creativity, with courageous spirit and the ability to attain success in undertakings.

She said the brand will always refresh its consumers and steer them to stardom, instilling the willpower to do things that are perceived to be difficult with the boldness it offers, like the I CAN, I AM mentality of the brand.

TOR'Q 23: The Fearless Showdown will serve as a stage for excellence, celebrating exceptional qualities with displays of supercars and bikers. Attendees can anticipate immersive consumer experiences and musical performances by Nigerian Idol winners Progress Chukwuyem and Victory Gbakara from Seasons 7 and 8 respectively.

Adeniyi Bakare, Head of Strategy at Xhibit Ideas, the organizers of the TOR'Q Autofest, expressed gratitude to the Fearless Energy Drink brand's significant contribution to the event's realization in November.

He emphasized the commitment to seamless execution across all event facets, projecting the autofest to draw participants from various African regions, establishing it as the country's premier motorsports event, accompanied by an array of side attractions.

He pointed out that the autofest would attract participants across the African continent, thereby making it the biggest of all motorsports in the country, with other side attractions.

Bakare stated that it is a free event for all fun-lovers and entry by a bottle of Fearless energy drink, for a wonderful experience with what the event offers.

Mike Nwogu, the face of TOR'Q 23: The Fearless Showdown, a prominent Nigerian socialite and entrepreneur, anticipates a motorsports spectacle that includes lady bikers showcasing their impressive skills, captivating the audience alongside other engaging activities and attractive prizes.

Last year, the Fearless Energy Drink brand sponsored the Autofest 2022 in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo State. The brand elevated the event's magnitude and excitement, commencing with a roadshow in Lagos, featuring the Fearless Geng of power bikers and skaters.

Fearless Energy Drink also powered the successful 'Gombe Grand Converge,' an event uniting horses and bikers under the rallying call, "Embrace the Thrill." This aligns with the brand's dedication to sponsoring exhilarating sports that encourage consumers to transcend comfort zones, surpass limits, embrace audacity, and revel in the electrifying sensations they provide.  

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