BrandArena: Zyler Virtual Try-On is now available at John Lewis Fashion Rental

Thursday, 27 July 2023

Zyler Virtual Try-On is now available at John Lewis Fashion Rental

Anthropics Technology, the creators of the AI-powered Zyler Virtual Try-On, has announced a collaboration with John Lewis, one of the UK's largest department shops, and rental expert HURR to add virtual try-on technology to their fashion rental website. 

The "Try it On" function on the John Lewis Fashion Rental website, which allows users to rent clothes for a set period of time, now allows customers to view how the garment appears on them online before renting. Customers upload a headshot and sizing information to virtually test the outfit from the comfort of their own homes. 

John Lewis Fashion Rental featuring Zyler Virtual Try-On
John Lewis Rental has always been committed to providing a personalized and convenient experience for their customers. The addition of virtual try-on technology is the next step in that commitment. This technology will help John Lewis Rental customers find the perfect dress for their occasion.

You can see Zyler technology working on the platform

Zyler is a virtual try-on solution for fashion brands and retailers that allows their customers to try on clothing in just a few simple steps. Zyler was created by Anthropics Technology, an AI technology solutions company based in London, UK. Further details can be found at: HURR Enterprise powers the circular strategies for 130+ category-defining retailers and fashion brands. Find out more at

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