BrandArena: Allianz Egypt team up with Esaal Platform to Offer its Clients Physical and Mental Healthcare Services Online

Thursday 15 June 2023

Allianz Egypt team up with Esaal Platform to Offer its Clients Physical and Mental Healthcare Services Online

Allianz Insurance Company in Egypt signed a strategic partnership agreement in the healthcare sector with “Esaal”, a digital platform offering mental health, comprehensive healthcare and nutrition services, in addition to medical consultations in the Middle East and North Africa.

The agreement aims to offer high-quality healthcare services digitally for the clients of Allianz, including individuals, SMEs or corporates, once granted the necessary approval from the relevant authorities.

As per the agreement, Esaal will facilitate accessible and integrated mental health and medical services via state-of-the-art digital solutions. The platform will further provide secure and reliable communication channels for consultations through text messaging, voice calls, video calls, and remote consultations.

Such a step enables Allianz to complement what it has already commenced as to the digital transformation of healthcare services, starting by offering clients medical consultations and psychotherapy to prescribing medications.

“At Allianz, we have initiated the path toward digital transformation, and we are happy with what we have accomplished so far in this arena,” stated Allianz Egypt Chairman and CEO Mr. Ayman Hegazy. 

“We are proud of the first of its kind partnership in Egypt’s insurance sector with ‘Esaal’ being one of the leading start-up platforms that offer healthcare, nutrition, and mental health consultations.”

The partnership makes Allianz Egypt the first insurance company in the country to provide integrated solutions and services digitally in these areas via one platform. 

“Mental health is an integral part of public health that has a significant impact on the people’s personal, social and economic development,” Hegazy reflected.

According to Hegazy, “Allianz has always been keen on supporting entrepreneurship and start-up businesses as part of the company’s strategy and vision.”

“We always encourage innovation and the introduction of smart and new products and services in all fields, especially in healthcare. Our perspective goes in line with ‘Egypt Vision 2030’ as to the digital transformation and the upgrade of the healthcare sector. Our health insurance serves more than 170,000 people, with a 34% client-base expansion achieved over the past three years.” Hegazy explained.

Fadi Doss, founder and CEO of Esaal could not agree more. “Our partnership with Allianz represents an exceptional, transitional point being one of the pioneering insurance companies operating in Egypt. The collaboration between Allianz Egypt and Esaal creates such a harmony, redefining digital healthcare service provision in Egypt and the region.” Doss said.

“In fact, such a corporation pushes us to the fore of innovation in digital healthcare on the international level and comprehensive health insurance services. We are opening new doors, reframing the way we take care of ourselves and our community.” Doss added.

Allianz Egypt has been adopting the group’s successful international model in Egypt, especially with regards to the products and the quality of services, as well as applying the practices of social, environmental and governance practices through embedding these concepts in all the company’s activities and operations in the country.

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