BrandArena: Application Still Open for 2023 Canon Student Development Programme until April 16th

Tuesday 11 April 2023

Application Still Open for 2023 Canon Student Development Programme until April 16th

The Canon Student Development Programme 2023 aims to provide aspiring photographers with the necessary resources and opportunities to take their careers to the next level and become professional photographers. This programme includes a range of valuable offerings, such as mentorships, industry visits, grants, portfolio reviews and networking. Supporting events such as Instagram live sessions (IG live sessions) will be held on Canon’s official Instagram page, featuring Canon ambassadors and CSDP 2022 Alumni.

Applications are open until April 16th, 2023. To apply to be a part of the 2023 Canon Student Development Programme or view the entry criteria, visit:


The esteemed Canon Student Development Programme (CSDP) is a platform for young, aspiring photographers to fast-forward their creative journey with the help of rewarding opportunities such as mentorships, grants, industry visits, portfolio reviews and networking. For its seventh edition of CSDP, the prestigious programme will allow 100 selected participants to attend key industry events and receive one-to-one mentorship from experts representing established news agencies and publications, and Canon Ambassadors, along with excellent networking opportunities with influential photographers from across the globe.

Fueling Aspirations: Inspirational Sessions for Young Minds

In a bid to spread light about this initiative that seeks to empower young photographers, Canon will host an array of live sessions on Instagram. These sessions will provide key insights on what students can expect from the programme, how they can support their careers through CSDP, and testimonials from previous winners. Canon’s most recent IG live session was held on April 6th with Canon Ambassador, Muhammed Muheisen, and Canon Student Development Programme 2022 Alumni, Samuel Alabi, who shared their experiences about the programme: “Working in the creative industry differs from working in the corporate industries, it is highly significant for creative industry aspirants to network and get involved in opportunities that may provide them with exposure of how the industry works. A programme like CSDP can be highly beneficial for young photographers as it provides myriad opportunities that can help them hone their skills and gain valuable knowledge needed to transition from an ‘amateur’ to a ‘professional’ in the industry,” said Muhammed Muheisen. Samuel Alabi added, “This opportunity changed my life for good. It got me out of the country and gave me a new family, and new opportunities. My work was also exhibited at a photo fair in Paris.”

The next IG live session will take place on April 13th with Canon Student Development Programme 2022 Alumni, Muhammed Mahdy, along with Egyptian fine art photographer and Canon Ambassador, Menna Hossam, on Canon Central and North Africa’s official Instagram page: “The Canon Student Development Programme is a ladder for aspiring photographers to jump forward in their careers as it presents invaluable opportunities such as mentorships from well-established professionals in the industry, access to esteemed photojournalists, and networking opportunities. I encourage all young students to become part of CSDP and attend the IG live sessions. This is a great opportunity that can open a lot of doors to accelerating career growth,” said Menna Hossam. When asked about CSDP’s contribution towards career acceleration, Muhammed Mahdy, CSDP 2022 Alumni, said, “A fundamental core towards success is to have resources of knowledge and networks that could help you along your career, and Canon provided that at every stage of the Canon Student Development Programme.”

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Of the 100 selected students to receive mentorship from industry experts as part of the Canon Student Development Programme, 30 students will be invited to participate in a five-day workshop in Girona, Spain including a visit to Visa pour l’Image international photo-journalism festival in Perpignan, France. The final five mentees will receive a €2,000 grant along with an exclusive experience at the third edition of the Hamburg Portfolio Review, and top-of-the-line Canon equipment worth up to €9000 to support their creative journey ahead.

Interested applicants and students above 18 years of age, or those who completed their course in the 2022-23 academic year, can submit their entries until April 16th, 2023, by clicking on this link-

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