BrandArena: African Brands Magazine to unveil 2023 Africa’s 100 Most Valuable Brands

Saturday 18 March 2023

African Brands Magazine to unveil 2023 Africa’s 100 Most Valuable Brands

The African Brands Media Limited publishers of The African Brands Magazine is set to unveil ‘The Africa’s 100 Most Valuable Brands 2023’ on the 29th March, 2023 at Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Ikeja, Lagos, we can authoritatively report.

The Africa’s 100 Most Valuable is a Special Report which is an exclusive ranking of Africa’s Best Brands. It is to showcase Brands Achievement to the African Audience. It is a consumer led survey that establishes Brands preferences across the continent. The Research is conducted by the Editorial Board of The African Brands Magazine.

The African Brands Magazine Editorial Board Magazine conducted the survey in 23 countries, which covers all of Africa’s economic regions and collectively represent at least 75% of the population and GDP of Africa. These countries' Brands are among Brands across Africa or within the region Mobile interviewing has proven to be the most effective way to reach African consumers because of the high penetration of mobile as a primary mode of communication, said Mr. Desmond Esorougwe, Editor- in -Chief/CEO, The African Brands Media Ltd.

Esorougwe, stated that to make the list of The Africa’s Most Valuable Brands, the Brand had to be available and recalled in at least one other country other than their domicile market. Given the fragmentation and proliferation of local media, the media list is now focused only on truly Pan Africa Countries.

“Overall, The Most Valuable Brands is based on the most rigorous consumer-led methodology consistent with global best practices and the most representative and comprehensive study and ranking of Brands in Africa,” he said.

The African Brands is a Leading Brands magazine providing Opinions, Research and News relating to various Brands across Africa. Its reputation is anchored on its history of providing unbiased Brand news and informed commentary and insight on brand strategies, campaigns and trends of Africa Brands. Established in 2016, The African Brands has earned the trust of its audience around Africa as the provider of Brand news, insights, analysis and intelligence. As a leader in brands journalism, the magazine publishes original forward-looking news and ideas.

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