BrandArena: Visa Promotes Financial Literacy With “Financial Football 2.0”

Monday 3 October 2022

Visa Promotes Financial Literacy With “Financial Football 2.0”

It's less than 50 days to the FIFA World Cup! Visa, the official payment technology partner of FIFA, has announced the launched of a new version of the educational video game “Financial Football”, an educational video game that combines financial education and entertainment in one dynamic virtual game.

The company which made the announcement in a press release, says it is partnered with clients and non-profit organisations to make the application available to as many people as possible.

“Gamers can suit up as the country of their choice and take their best shot at the coveted trophy by correctly answering questions designed to help players make smart, well-informed money management decisions,” Visa says.

Visa says it is planning special educational events in more than 100 markets around the world so as to make the game available to more people. The events will take place before the World Cup and will continue after it.

The educational game is free and asks players questions about personal finance, changing the level of difficulty so players can advance down the pitch (field) for a chance to score a goal, according to the release.

New features of the updated version include men’s and women’s teams and tournaments; personal finance and small business game modes; and a mobile app for iOS and Android.

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The small business game mode features questions on starting and managing a business, budgeting and more. The personal finance track includes questions about cryptocurrencies, the release stated.

Visa debuted its free educational Financial Football game in 2005 with the NFL and has since made iterations around the World Cups in 2010, 2014, and 2018.

This year’s game is Visa’s first to include playable women’s national teams and the first to have a mobile app on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Fans can also play at and with gameplay available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, German, Russian and Portuguese.

The game features generic players for men’s and women’s national teams around the world.

“What we hope happens is not just for someone to play the game,” says Hugh Norton, Visa’s Senior Director of Social Impact.

“We hope that you play the game and get introduced to a new concept, see something you haven’t heard before. And it encourages the player to then take that next step and seek out financial education.”

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