BrandArena: Instagram testing a new “Edit Grid” feature

Tuesday 11 January 2022

Instagram testing a new “Edit Grid” feature

The grid on your Instagram profile may soon contain more than just a collection of your most recent posts.

According to the screenshots released by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, your profile gallery will now feature a new “Edit Grid” option that allows you to re-arrange your photos, regardless of when they were posted on Instagram. As a result, this could be an excellent option for highlighting the Instagram photos that you wish to display to your followers or visitors.

Instagram grid test
Your Instagram profile gallery will now feature a new “Edit Grid” option that allows you to re-arrange your photos
Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s CEO, recently hinted at the possibility of a ‘pinned post’ option for accounts, which would allow users to choose which posts they wish to display at the top of their feed. Having the ability to completely re-arrange the order of your posts takes this even further.

It will be interesting to see if Instagram decides to go through with it, given how much of a shift it would make to how the platform has been putting and displaying posts.

It looks like Instagram is getting more and more willing to try new things with its main feed and profile options, which in some ways is in line with what users want, but it could also be because people aren’t using their main feed as much as they used to, and video posts, like Reels, are now the main source of Instagram engagement growth.

Even so, Mosseri says the main feed, which we’re used to seeing in the Instagram app, will become less important in the future, so users can better connect with the app’s video content formats.

It’s more likely that Instagram will abandon the static post feed in favour of a full-screen Stories/Reels main feed display, which would ease their hesitation to experiment with new post formats. After all, if they’re going to abandon the static post feed any time soon. Another aspect of this is rearranging your profile display, and with the increased focus on video, Instagram seems more eager to experiment with new concepts as it progressively converts to whole new focus displays.

It’s not clear if this will ever be implemented, but it does appear like Instagram plans to experiment with new features in the near future. As social media expert Matt Navarra points out, this may be a terrific addition to your approach if you make that multi-post, linked images into a larger, connected graphic on your profile.

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