BrandArena: BON Hotels: Success Story of Hospitality Business Amidst COVID-19

Wednesday 5 May 2021

BON Hotels: Success Story of Hospitality Business Amidst COVID-19

Nigeria’s leading stakeholder in the hospitality business, the management of BON Hotels are obviously not resting on their oars to remodel, re-strategize, and expand their reach for efficiency and ultimately to meet the demands and satisfaction of their customers despite the worst hit of the deadly covid-19 pandemic which took a heavy toll on every aspect of human endeavours across the globe.

As a focused, unique and dynamic brand, BON is sticking professionally to the fundamentals of the hospitality industry which is all about growth, service delivery and innovations in tandem with international best practice and impressively with the right and progressive management team and courteous and dedicated members of staff.

While sharing experiences recently at a forum to effectively drive the organization's plans and interventions in business in the current post Covid-19 recovery era, the Management of BON Hotels disclosed that "As the world gradually matches towards the post Covid-19 Pandemic era, the management of BON HOTELS have re-strategized to maintain professionalism and continuity in business."

Continuing, the management said, ‘‘While 14 BON Hotels in Nigeria were fully operational throughout the critical period of the pandemic without downsizing their staff strength, it is far more interesting to know that the Management of BON Hotels in Nigeria is grossly determined to pursue real growth in the industry as they have continued to expand, taking into account the ongoing construction of about 20 new BON Hotels facilities across Nigeria, out of which 18 will be fully operational before the end of the year 2021, in the following cities and towns, namely; Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Warri, Kano, Yola, Kaduna, Ibadan, Akure, Ekiti, Aba, Owerri, Umuahia, Oguta, Asaba, Awka, Enugu and Uyo. Admittedly, this is True Nigerian Commitment by BON Hotels owners!

Above all, with approximately 38 Hotels spread across Nigeria, this development will make magnificent positive impact on the economy of Nigeria and help to reduce unemployment. Therefore, the Management of BON Hotels is satisfied to declare that alongside the Health Workers, Emergency Services Personnel and Educators, the Nigerian BON Hotels owners are really “OUR HEROES OF THE PANDEMIC”, the statement maintained. 

Furthermore, in stock-taking and introspection over the devastating effects of the deadly pathogen on business, it said, ‘'There is a popular adage that says; Tough times never last but tough people do. Consequently, it is in time of crisis that tough people especially HEROES are born. They distinguish themselves in so many admirable ways. In all cases, they solely navigate the rough paths on their terrain by critically thinking above limitations, constantly engaged in churning out solutions that will strategically solve every challenging problem facing them and mankind.’’

Suffice it to say that the sudden outbreak of Corona Virus (Covid-19) in 2019 was somewhat interesting but strangely, it became a destructive disease that took the whole world by surprise. Not until it was declared a pandemic that people began to imagine its sensitivity and adverse effects on humans, all categories of business, tourism, social life, education, just to mention a few. Unfortunately, some businesses were adversely affected more than others. Thus; Hospitality, Air transportation and tourism businesses,’’ the management said.

BON further decried the harrowing effects of COVID-19 on businesses and business owners especially those in hospitality circles. It stated, ‘’Many of the well-known establishments in these groups are either completely shut down, partially operational, potentially available for sale or struggling to restart thus; resulting in huge job losses and outright economic stagnation. The devastating effect was so massive that almost everything on earth practically came to a halt for a significant number of months in other to fathom how best to deal with the pandemic and its far-reaching consequences globally.’’

However, the management of BON Hotels commended the efforts, loyalty and commitment of its seasoned team members in the face of coronavirus who stood firm to the organizational policy thrust despite the overwhelming challenges of the time.

‘’However, despite the huge negative impact of the pandemic, the obvious fact that the chips went down impromptu due to its resultant and unbelievable harsh strokes on businesses, the situation carved out a niche for the emergence of new HEROES of our time. These are Men and Women with astute business mindsets and outstanding prowess who, beyond all imaginations took the bull by the horn to ensure that BON HOTELS survived the fearsome realities of Covid-19, maintained a resounding progressive growth, and most significantly the emergence of BON HOTELS as one of the topmost hospitality industries thriving unhindered in the country even as the pandemic ravages.’’

The management maintained that ‘’Considering the shocking statistics that about 80% of the hospitality businesses in Southern Africa will never recover from the damaging effects of the pandemic gave BON Hotels a greater source of concern and the same time, it further propelled our happiness and overwhelming gratitude in appreciation to all our wonderful Staff, Managers, Executives, and BON Hotels owners. Your professionalism, ideologies, strategies, financial commitments and implementation processes guaranteed that BON HOTELS remained active and stronger in quality service delivery, retaining its entire staff and numerous suppliers while the pandemic ravaged the entire globe. We are eternally grateful.’’

Meanwhile, in a show of appreciation to the commitments and support received from Owners of BON Hotels’ critical partners, business associates and frontline workers during the worst hit of the pandemic, the Management stated: 

‘’We also appreciate the efforts of the Managements of other hospitality franchise and corporate institutions in Nigeria whose steadfastness ensured their franchise never disappeared from the business radar owing to the destructive nature of the pandemic on businesses. To all medical personnel who risked their lives to ensure that the disease was contained, we say thank you. And to others who lost their lives in the battle, we extend our heartfelt condolences to your families and loved ones. You will forever be missed, the management concluded.

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