BrandArena: Economic activities gain momentum despite continuous rise in COVID-19 cases

Tuesday 4 August 2020

Economic activities gain momentum despite continuous rise in COVID-19 cases

With the spike experienced in the South-West region of the nation amounting to 12,405 cases, South-South with 4,704, North-West with 2,405, South-East with 1,432 and North-East with 1,075 in the month of July, the COVID-19 is seemingly taking a hold of the nation.

The Presidential Task Force Chairman, Boss Mustapha has made a statement on providing oxygen for patients of COVID-19 due to the increase recorded by the end of the second week in July.

The month of July has seen the highest cases of COVID 19 since its emergence in the country in March 2020.

From the analysis, there were 17,457 new cases, 9,819 discharged and 879 deaths recorded in the month of July with the fourth week recording 4,003 new cases, 3,087 discharged and 63 deaths. In June, it was recorded that there were 15,532 new cases, 6,739 discharged and 25 deaths.

The much-discussed ease of lockdown was extended by one week thereby boycotting the third phase as the exponential increase bites Nigerians at the helms of affairs. This will span till 6th August 2020.

Boss Mustapha urged the Nigerians to adhere to the safety precautions and guideline in order to reduce fatalities. In light of warning, the aviation sector is open as some commercial flights are available for local travel. Due to the importance of international flights to the local economy, the Presidential Task Force and the aviation sector are working hard to fast-track the resumption of flights in the international airspace.

Source: NCDC,

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