BrandArena: Fine Dining Experiences Await Lagos As Ilé Eros Launches Premium Restaurant

Tuesday 3 December 2019

Fine Dining Experiences Await Lagos As Ilé Eros Launches Premium Restaurant

ILÉ EROS, the authentic Nigerian restaurant with a modernist twist, has officially unveiled its entirety of fine dining experiences. The restaurant features menus that fuse Nigerian flavors with modern culinary techniques, all carefully curated by the Executive Chef, Tolu Erogbogbo popularly known as Chef Eros.

As an addition to the exclusive collection of premium restaurants in Nigeria, ILÉ EROS brings first-of-its-kind opulence to Lagos, with each meal purposefully prepared to delight the taste buds of its guests. The restaurant incorporates a home style setting with a sitting room, an indoor and outdoor dining area and is located in the serene part of Lekki Phase 1. The restaurant is equipped with valet parking services, upscale customer service and highly trained security personnel, offering a variety of weekly activities including Saturday Games Night, Sunday Brunch, Thursday Happy Hour, Friday Dinner Date and much more.       

ILÉ EROS also features Cookie Jar, a gourmet bakery that produces cookies, cupcakes, fine cakes, pastries and desserts. The restaurant is poised to become a culinary attraction for Lagos State, due to the polished casual setting, trendy aesthetics, outstanding ambiance, Haute cooking techniques with Avant Guard presentation and diverse menu options.

While officially introducing ILÉ EROS, Tolulope Erogbobo, Founder, CEO and Executive Chef at Eros and Companies, said, “We are excited to announce to all food lovers in Lagos that ILÉ EROS is now officially open. Our specially curated menu is the first of its kind and sets the standard for giving authentic Nigerian flavors a modern twist – a wonderful opportunity to deliver a splendid gastronomic experience to Nigerians.”

The brand’s dream is to redefine Nigerian recipes by fusing indigenous ingredients and French cooking methods with fine dining services. Chef Eros recently consolidated all his brands and businesses under ILÉ EROS (House of Eros) located in Lekki 1. Chef Eros has also partnered with reputable organizations and brands such as Miele, Google, Dinner En Blanc, Moet & Chandon and Johnny Walker whose visions align with his, bringing luxury to life.

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