BrandArena: VFD Donates Administrative block, Education materials to Anambra schools

Wednesday 20 November 2019

VFD Donates Administrative block, Education materials to Anambra schools

VFD Group has recognized education as one of the building blocks of any nation as it renovated administrative block and provided some educational materials for Uga Boys Secondary School, and Dennis Memorial Grammar School, Anambra state, respectively.

The financial institution, which donated the educational aids to mark its 10th anniversary on November 13th and 14th, used the initiative to emphasised that education is a priority area in its CSR activities. Its aim is to nurture young minds and educate them, so that they contribute to the nation’s development.

Realising the importance and relevance of education, VFD renovated an administrative block with tables, chairs and donated other educational materials to Uga Boys to benefit the community by boosting literacy levels in the state.

Group Managing Director, VFD Group Plc, Nonso Okpala, explained that when he visited the school and found that the facilities are not suitable and conducive for learning, he decided to convince the management of the institution that the project, if approved, could enable the students to compete favourably with their counterparts in the state.

He said, “We pen down the project idea and I went to convince my colleagues on how important it is for us to contribute to the uplift of the school. The difference between an advanced society and an unadvanced is education.

“If Uga is to do well, we must make education a cardinal point of our programme. I understand that there are huge challenges the student face in their daily lives, it should not hold them back in progressing. If Prof Charles Soludo graduated from this school and succeed, I believe nothing can hold anyone back from attaining great heights in life.

“I know that the school may still lack certain things but I also urge the students not to be held back by the challenges they face, believe in yourself and study like there is no other way to success. VFD contributes to a number of initiatives, funding and building schools. All these initiatives have been undertaken to benefit communities by helping increase the literacy levels.”

Principal, Uga Boys Secondary School, lauded the efforts of VFD to transform the school that has produced several successful Nigerians.

The elated principal said, “VFD is a great company. It has done a great thing for us, deeming it fit to give back to a school that had fed great Nigerians. The company has fulfilled the dreams of JF Kennedy when he encouraged us to ask what we can do for our country and not what the country can do for us.

“The era when our student tried to avoid dripping water falling from the roof of the hall while writing examinations has gone with this development. We assure VFD that the infrastructure development will help towards improving teaching and learning in the school.”

He added that the school still need the intervention of all stakeholders on perimeter fencing to check influx of trespassers including human and animal; renovation of its science laboratory, security personal, ICT complex, renovation of the principal house and provision of library shelves and current books among others.

While presenting some educational materials to the school authority of Dennis Memorial Grammar School, Managing Director, VFD Microfinance Bank, Azubike Emodi, said, “I am excited to make a little donations to the school like Education materials and we hope that it makes a lot of impact in the lives of the students. We will be back and do a lot more.”

While at DMGS, Nonso Okpala in his personal capacity made a promise to sponsor the University education of the best student in the upcoming Senior WAEC Examination, leaving the principal, teachers and administrative staff members delighted.

Commissioner for Basic Education, Anambra state, Prof. Kate Omenugha, also urged other institutions to emulate VFD to lift the faces of schools in the state and across Nigeria.

She said, “When I was coming here, I didn’t know what to expect. I salute VFD as the new examination hall dazed me, with amazing flat tables. It is beyond our expectations. The borehole and toilet facilities are amazing.

“With this development, the students would be able to know what it takes to learn in a serene environment and we must thank the VFD family for the lovely gesture.” 

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