BrandArena: Jumia Travel cofounder publishes controversial, bestselling memoir for African English-speaking markets

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Jumia Travel cofounder publishes controversial, bestselling memoir for African English-speaking markets

Marek Zmysłowski, a polish-born entrepreneur and investor, well known in Africa for cofounding Jumia Travel (listed on the NYSE as part of Jumia Group) and the controversy around being wanted by the Nigerian Police and Interpol, has published a business memoir. The book is called “Chasing Black Unicorns” and shares previously unknown details of both stories.  It’s available on, Amazon, Jumia, Okada Books, and can be found in local bookstores in the form of a printed book, e-book, and audiobook.

“Probably the most honest and accurate peek into the tech startup scene in the world's most difficult market"

Rich Tanksley, former CEO Pulse Nigeria

“Chasing Black Unicorns”  was first published in Poland in February this year and has quickly earned a bestseller status and became one of the most popular biographies in the country. It received very good reviews: 4,8/5 on Goodreads, 8/10 on Lubimyczytac and 5/5 on Audioteka

“It’s a story of a young, inexperienced entrepreneur that slowly matures with every new punch in the face life serves him. I wanted to share my insights from running tech businesses in young African and Eastern European markets, as this knowledge was scarce back when I was starting. I’ve put those insights between my life stories, usually funny, but sometimes very scary. I hope it gave the book an edge and made the business aspect of it more entertaining to read.”
Marek Zmysłowski

Marek Zmysłowski has committed all his book profits to impactful charity initiatives in Africa that will be supported through MaYa Foundation that he founded together with his life partner Yaritza Reyes,  an actress, TV host, and model most known for her title as Miss World 1st Runner-Up in 2016. Read more at

Watch Marek Zmysłowski’s TEDx speech about the book: “How building Amazon of Africa put me on Interpol’s Most Wanted list

Watch Marek Zmysłowski’s viral TEDx speech, that got 1,4 mln views: “Africa, Stupid!

About “Chasing Black Unicorns” 

Silicon Valley meets Indiana Jones – “Chasing Black Unicorns” is an autobiography written by Marek Zmysłowski, one of Poland’s most respected internet entrepreneurs. Witty and humorous, the book covers many dramatic and often dangerous events. Before moving to Nigeria to set up the ‘Amazon of Africa’, Zmysłowski worked for one of Poland’s biggest financial services companies, and is the founder of many online ventures in Central Europe. While establishing the first, online network of funeral services in Poland, he had to overcome challenges from criminal gangs running the market sector.

His businesses in Nigeria have also made him enemies, powerful individuals who have corrupted police and government officials to stand against him. Overnight, Marek became an international fugitive and was put on the most wanted list by Interpol, an organization with a history of being manipulated by corrupt regimes. Zmysłowski describes this and many other events, putting them in the context of African history and cultures, a continent he is now deeply in love with.

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