BrandArena: Enyo Retail and Supply Delights Customers with Free Car Servicing & Diagnostics

Monday 29 July 2019

Enyo Retail and Supply Delights Customers with Free Car Servicing & Diagnostics

Enyo Retail and Supply has concluded a two-day customer activation event tagged “Vehicon&Grills” designed to provide customers with free car diagnostics and services. The event which is part of the company’s efforts in promoting car-consciousness and customer satisfaction took place at the Enyo Olowo Eko Station on 20th and 21st July.

The event which saw to the servicing of over a hundred vehicles, by providing premium car checks accompanied good food, was held in conjunction with Castrol lubricant- the second largest premium lubricant in the world. As a brand synonymous with safety, safety car care classes were provided, where customers were taught how to change their tires, check their wipers, and engine oil levels as well as signs of bad brakes. The Castrol team was also on ground to educate customers on which Castrol lubricant best suits their car and other appliances.

ENYO mechanics & technicians training academy, MECHTECH, recently graduated its second batch of auto mechanics skilled with the technical know-how to diagnose and repair high end vehicles who are now experts were present at the event and carried out all the free car servicing and diagnostics.

Speaking on the initiative, Olabanjo Alimi, Sales and Marketing Lead, Enyo Retail and Supply reiterated that the event was not just to create awareness about Vehicon and Castrol Lubricant, but more importantly to promote car safety and prevent unforeseen car breakdown on the road.

“We organized this free car diagnostics for customers to prevent possible fault with their vehicle, get professional insights on the right auto-services and products best for their cars and interact on a personal basis with our team of professionals. We want to show our customers that beyond sales, we care about the quality condition of their cars as well as their safety, especially this season,  because we understand this weather is a cause of concern when it comes to road accidents”, Olabanjo said.

One of the beneficiaries of the event, Ganiu Olalekan, who had his car diagnosed said, “I applaud Enyo for saving me the expensive cost of diagnosing my vehicle. Besides saving me a huge sum of money at the mechanic, I have learnt about the various types of lubricants and the importance of frequent car checks. This initiative has helped provide me with the ability to detect and prevent faults in my car with the right measure”.

It was also impactful learning about the different Castrol lubricants and the most suitable for my car. Following the oil change using Castrol lubricant, my car engine has greatly improved. Henceforth, I will ensure that my mechanic uses Castrol Lubricant for my engine”, Olalekan said.

Enyo Retail and Supply continues to advocate for innovation in the downstream oil industry in Nigeria whilst exploring initiatives that will contribute to the economic growth by providing quality products and services.

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