BrandArena: Makupedia app can fix issue of poor Academic performances among students – Peter Akukalia

Friday 10 May 2019

Makupedia app can fix issue of poor Academic performances among students – Peter Akukalia

As the Nigerian government continues to grapple with a myriad of challenges facing the education sector, creative scientist, Mr. Peter Matthews –Akukalia has invented a human mind computer that is capable of increasing the success rate of students in their areas of human endeavours. According to Peter Akukalia, ‘‘the makupedia is a mind database also known as ‘Mind app’ that allows students to ascertain their true human potentials and capabilities’’.

Education experts believe that there is a nexus between ascertaining one’s innate potentials and academic excellence. And this clearly shows why the educational systems in other climes record low rates of drop outs and poor academic performances when compared to Nigeria.

Among other things, armed with the Makupedia app, the Uzo-Uwani Local Government, Nkpologwu, Nsukka,  Enugu-born inventor can discover the energy link between a student’s date of birth, his/her capacities, abilities, capabilities, talents and the overall destiny. Elaborating on this, he stated that ‘‘the Mind app will begin with a registration process that will record the date of birth and other details. The Makupedia app will process the date of birth first in which the person's dimension of existence in the universe is measured on scope’’.

Although the human mind app currently exists as a prototype, it has produced tremendous results for people and has been useful in determining a person weak and strong traits; ultimately serving a veritable pathfinder. ‘‘Makupedia app can calculate human intelligence, thoughts, will, emotion and intelligence. It is also a useful educational tool for brain analysis, energy processing and career pathfinder and management’’. Matthew Akukalia stated.

He affirmed that ‘‘the main approach of the Makupedia code is, DDC>>Discover. Develop. Connect. This makes it outdated to admit a person to study or work without first conducting the Mind Assessment Test. The use of empirical methods never known since the creation of man. This includes the Quantumization of abstract elements such as education, ideas. I also applied Astrocreative configurations, spiralogy, mind mechanics & engineering, Mindology, makumatics, astrotransmutation, law of pure equivalence, literature technologies and conventional literature technologies’’.

The Makupedia app helps student discover their natural abilities early. It also assists in monitoring students to follow a carrier path which they have comparative advantage in. This will increase productive and efficiency in our academia and fast track a wholesome society for Nigeria as a nation.

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