BrandArena: #Hashtag this: Twitter's iconic symbol is turning 10

Wednesday 23 August 2017

#Hashtag this: Twitter's iconic symbol is turning 10

Hashtag (#) was a symbol that was previously confined to your keyboard. But today, this is not the case as it is widely used on Twitter and other social media networks to tag tweets.

According to Twitter, the symbol is used 125 million times every day around the world on the social media network. Today, the hashtag is celebrating 10 years since it was first used on the platform.

The first person to use the hashtag in a tweet was former Google designer Chris Messina, who proposed using the symbol for groups. Unknown to him, he proposing something big.

Ten years down the line, the hashtag has since evolved to become a tool to make powerful statements, raise awareness, bring together movements and gather important information (#BringBackOurGirls #ArabSpring #BlackLivesMatters). In addition, it is a way for users to join conversations, connect with other people, and make their voices heard.


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