BrandArena: TechPlus 2017: N3.5m Jackpot Raves up Interest of Video Gamers in West Africa

Monday, 26 June 2017

TechPlus 2017: N3.5m Jackpot Raves up Interest of Video Gamers in West Africa

With a mouth-watering jackpot of N3.5million naira across various categories, video gamers from Nigeria and neighboring African countries are not leaving anything to chance. Top-notch gamers across the continent are putting finishing touches to their strategies to pocket all packages at this year’s TechPlus Conference & Expo.

July 6-8 is the date and the venue is the Landmark Event centre in Victoria Island, Lagos where top-flight gamers in Africa will converge to display their skills and secure the top dog bragging rights of the gaming world.

Sports analysts have noticed that there has been a rise in the number of people playing video games on the African continent. This also means that the level of skill has also gone up as well, with more competitions to earn bragging rights for contenders. In recognition of the gaming community and the position of video games in the lives of youths in Nigeria, TechPlus has, once again, unveiled the video games competition for 2017. The fast pace of registration at reveals that indeed, the competition is seen by most youths as the opportunity for all gamers to bring their game on for quality rewards.

The General Manager of Techplus, Taiwo Oyewole revealed recently in a chat in Lagos that Contestants at the exhibition level will get to duel at popular games like Street Fighter, FIFA 17, Injustice and Call of Duty. The corporate cadre of the competition will play Mortal Kombat, FIFA 17 and Dance Central to find the king of the hill. In the words of Oyewole, “those that come out tops will take home winnings from a total pool of N3.5 million naira…you will agree that it’s worth the hours spent in front of the screen and console”.

Oyewole also noted one thing that stands out for gamers- their immense and incontestable passion for the sport. “We’re certain that this passion will play out at TechPlus over the days of the event. We expect all lovers of the game to come ready to cheer on these digital warriors as they contest for the spoils and the bragging rights that come with the territory” he restated.

Techplus GM also spoke further on the event. His words: “Over the past editions, TechPlus has become many things to different people. A place to learn, get the pulse of the market in the tech ecosystem, meet like minds, network and of course also have fun. There’s another category that also take it extra seriously because it has become a place where they get to demonstrate their skills, earn bragging rights and win some really cool prizes too! This last category describes the gamers that come to battle it out on several screens during the TechPlus video gaming competition.

“Gaming is serious business and when you see the absolute concentration paid to winning, you will realize that there’s nothing more riveting than watching the passion unleashed when gamers go all out. This is a field where winning is all that counts but where dexterity and staying power also play important roles”.

TechPlus is a gathering of everything technology, providing a robust tripartite tech experience through its conferences, exhibitions and gaming structures whilst serving as a platform for knowledge sharing and networking for the consumers and businesses.


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