BrandArena: ShowMax bringing the Pope to Africa

Thursday, 13 April 2017

ShowMax bringing the Pope to Africa

Showmax has secured the rights to the joint HBO and Sky production of the The Young Pope, which premieres on Thursday, 13 April.

The Young Pope is about a young American who is elected as the head of the Catholic Church by elderly cardinals, who assume that a ‘media-friendly’ Pope will increase the church’s popularity.

Young and charming, Jude Law has been cast as Lenny Belardo, also known as Pius XIII, and Diane Keaton plays the nun who raised him. Directed by the Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino, “The Young Pope” focuses on leadership and religion.

The drama series was an internet sensation long before its first premium-cable premiere.

The themes of ‘The Young Pope include: world-shaking ambition, power dynamics, oppression, and liberation.

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