BrandArena: 5 Attributes Top Marketing Firms Look Out For When Hiring

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

5 Attributes Top Marketing Firms Look Out For When Hiring

Just as marketing is evolving, attention of top marketing firms are shifting from just an interesting Resume. Here is a compilation 5 attributes Human Resourse team are looking out for today:

1. Now, It's all About Your Character

Linda Vetter, VP of Marketing, Yes Lifecycle Marketing
Peter Schutz, the former president and CEO of Porsche, has a big line that has become relatively famous: “Hire character and train skill.” That's the base for who we hire and what we look for because, as marketers, there's definitely a core that you look for from an ability standpoint. But (I want somebody who) never stops looking for the next ‘next.' I think that, at its core, is the type of person who we look to hire.

I want somebody who's pleasantly aggressive. I want you to always be looking for something new and bring it to the organization…. I think that comes back to “hire character, train skill.” People can do jobs; they can do the tasks. But it takes character to make a successful, well-tuned organization.

Alicianne Rand, VP of Marketing, NewsCred
I look for character first; integrity, drive, passion, perseverance. Your values as a person and how you view the world is so much more important than how you look on a résumé. I also look for naturally smart people; real problem solvers.

Lori Wright, CMO, TIBCO Software Inc.
Will and skill, but I'll take will over skill most days, because skill can be taught.

2. Ability To Collaborate

Michelle Bottomley, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Mercer
Results orientation, gravitas, working with others as collaborative co-creators, and the ability to provide structure to unstructured situations.

Kate Spellman, CMO, Penton
Beyond the skill set and the right profile, it's really being able to work in a matrix organization. You're touching so much in marketing. It's having those collaboration skills. Everyone needs to work hard today in a team and understand that other people have value.

3. What drives you? ...Passion! 

Ashley Johnston, SVP, Global Marketing, Experian Marketing Services
I always look for passion. People underestimate passion, but I believe that's what separates great people from good people. Good chases opportunities; great creates opportunities. Passionate people seek out answers to questions that haven't been asked and don't accept no or that's not what people are asking for as roadblocks. Those responses encourage them more.

Lucille DeHart, CMO, Tristar Products Inc.
I always look for someone who is passionate, well-spoken, authentic, curious, and knowledgeable in their field. I need talent that is strong, but scalable and teams that work well together with the ability to succeed cross-functionally.

Elizabeth Jackson, CMO and EVP of Corporate Strategy, HookLogic
I want to hire people who have passion and want to exceed brand and business results through strong strategy and excellent execution.

4. You've Got To Have The Audacious

Blair Christie, SVP and CMO, Cisco
Today there are four [skills] that are really core. That's what we're trying to drive in development for our marketing and communication folks, and what we look for [when hiring]. In my business, I think that storytelling is absolutely vital. We're constantly looking for great storytellers—people who can bring an idea to life, speak simply, touch, and inspire. The power of an emotional connection to a brand is more important than ever.

5. Intelligence/Smartness

Maly Ly, VP of Global Marketing, Sojern
Intelligence, tenacity, team orientation, and expertise. I look for smart, driven, people who are thoughtful and can execute precisely and quickly in an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

Yael Zheng, CMO, Tintri
Three main things: intellectual horsepower and curiosity to learn; drive; delightful to work with. 

Natasha Raja, VP of Marketing and Customer Service, Dice
I always say hire smart; hire giants. When I hire people I want to make sure that they're smarter than me. I want the smartest team on the planet. I'm a big believer in strong team foundation. Honestly, I don't think that I could have been where I've been or I could do my current job without my team.

Don't be afraid to hire people who are smarter than you.

Samantha Skey, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer, SheKnows Media
Passionate, smart people.

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