BrandArena: Mexico Welcomes Zuriel Oduwole As Special "Education Ambassador"

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Mexico Welcomes Zuriel Oduwole As Special "Education Ambassador"

With rising tensions between the US and Mexico over the boarder issue, Zuriel has became a powerful and positive choice, as she traveled to Mexico as a special "Education Ambassador" for peace and development. Utilizing one of her signature projects - the basic 'Film Making 101' in delivery, she led the program for several High School students in Northern and Southern Mexico within their University system on an architecture she initiated herself, and was strongly supported by the US Embassy in Mexico.

On her last day of the visit, hundreds of youth and young adults packed themselves inside the prestigious Technological University conference hall, to welcome and hear Zuriel Oduwole speak. Dressed in jackets, suits and formal attire in presenting themselves as future world leaders, they warmly received her as she crossed from Mexico State into Hidalgo state.

The city of Pachuca then honored her with a surprise Award and citation, in recognition of her work across the globe in the area of Girls Education, and her simple Skills Transfer initiative, to empower young adults in the art of story telling via documentary film making.

Zuriel sees her film making initiative as an avenue for empowering the next generation to tell their stories, how they want to tell it, no matter where they are from, and irrespective of what their circumstances had been.

Earlier in January 2017, the US Secretary of State - The Rt Hon John Kerry honored Zuriel Oduwole in Washington DC, describing he, as the perfect bridge between the US and the next generation of global leaders. In September 2015 at the age of 13, she mediated in the dispute between Guyana and Venezuela as both countries prepared to go to war over the disputed Oil rich Essequibo territory. This followed both leaders meeting with the UN Secretary General.

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