BrandArena: IoT Forum Africa set for March 2017 in Johannesburg

Thursday 24 November 2016

IoT Forum Africa set for March 2017 in Johannesburg

From 29- 30 March in Johannesburg, South Africa, more than 200 delegates from across Africa will convene for IOT Forum Africa 2017, one of Africa's biggest Internet of Things (IoT) conferences. The event is coming at a time when IoT is predicted to impact more than 20 billion people by 2020, this conference will highlight the latest products, applications and business opportunities in IoT.

As IoT slowly becomes one of the most transformative technological phenomena to emerge in the 21st century, it is imperative IT executives and business leaders be part of this one of a kind event. The conference brings together senior IT executives, service providers, developers and practitioners from diverse fields, with representation from healthcare, manufacturing, energy, retail and manufacturing to name a few.

Participants will get to hear from successful companies that have implemented revenue producing IoT solutions. Hear about the technologies, platform solutions and devices that will power your IoT Solutions. Navigate the complex IoT ecosystem to identify partners, providers and prospects. Understand how sensors and their IoT data deliver unprecedented business intelligence to drive performance, growth and profitability and learn to align your IoT solution with market opportunities.

Key topics include: The IoT Revolution: From "Things" to business outcomes
, Deploying an IoT solution. A strategic overview for decision makers
, Creating a sustainable framework for IoT Integration
, Creating value from connecting "things" and assessing the commercial feasibility and monetization of IoT
; IoT, Big Data & the City: A standards perspective
; Reinventing IT security to support IoT
; How will IoT remake your industry?
 and "In what ways can IoT improve efficiency, enable innovation and drive real business transformation?"

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