BrandArena: Telecoms top Nigeria’s ad spend with N16.7bn in 2015 - Mediafacts

Saturday 9 July 2016

Telecoms top Nigeria’s ad spend with N16.7bn in 2015 - Mediafacts

The telecommunications sector retained its lead position as the highest advertiser in Nigeria in 2015 with a combined total expenditure of N16.7 billion. This information is contained in the just-released 2015 Mediafacts, a key media resource for marketing professionals in West and Central Africa.

According to the report, produced annually by mediaReach OMD, a specialist media company that provides media planning, buying, control and inventory management services, the figure represents 17% of the total advertising spend in Nigeria of N97.9 billion in the same year.

The report also identified Personal Paid (N12.2 billion), Corporate Communications (N6.3 billion), Banking & Finance (N5.8 billion), Lager Beer (N4.6 billion), Public Service (N3.8 billion), Soft Drinks (N2.8 billion), Cable TV (N2.5 billion), Milk & Diary (N2.2 billion) and Broadcast (N2.2 billion) as part of other top advertising product categories that contributed to the total ad spend. Others are: Noodles (N2.1 billion), Cocoa Beverages (2.0 billion), Skin Cleansing (N1.8 billion), Nutritional Drinks (1.8 billion), Dental care (N1.6 billion), Seasonings (N1.5 billion), Online mall/Education imparting knowledge & Skill/Malt (N1.4 billion), NSD Powder (N1.3 billion and others (N22.4 billion). Mediafacts stated that these are the top 20 advertising product categories in 2015.
According to Mediafacts, “The top 10 advertisers in Communication and Telecommunications sector in 2015 include: Sundry Ad (other Inform. Service) – N13.5 billion, MTN - N4.7 billion, Airtel - N4.1 billion, Etisalat - N3.7 billion and Globacom - N3.7 billion. Others are: Nigerian Breweies – N3.7 billion, The State Government – N3.1 billion, Sundry Advertisers (Services) – N3 billion, Reckit Benkiser Nigeria – N2.7 billion and Procter & Gamble – N2.1 billion.

The report stated: “The top 20 advertisers contributed 64% of total spend and the top four telecom players contributed 17% of the total spend in 2015.”  Mediafacts also revealed that the total advertising spend recorded in 2015 represented an increase of N4.8 billion above the N93.1 billion documented in 2014.

According to the report, “the 2014/2015 electioneering campaigns and the successful change in government may have positively impacted on the advertising spends in 2015 as it records a positive growth of about 4.8% over 2014 total media spend.”

Mediafacts further revealed that the television stations attracted the highest advertising expenditure of N39 billion in 2015. The report also put the advertising expenditure attracted by the print media, outdoor and radio stations at N23.7 billion, N20.1 billion and N15.1 billion; respectively.

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