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Monday 6 June 2016

Being Fashionably African

When Africa was taken over by the British, German and French in the 1900s, we slowly started conforming to their culture. Perhaps the biggest change of all was the slow transformation of the peoples’ mode of dressing from traditional attire to more Western wear.

Even after independence, Africans continued to follow the Western style of dressing, as it had slowly but surely become a part of the Neo-African culture. This modern generation of Africans however, have refused to follow what has become the norm. Instead, they have decided to rediscover their culture and roots, and this can be seen in recent trends like the Natural Hair crowd.

In addition to embracing the African culture, the youths of Africa have decided to showcase the uniqueness of the culture to the world through music, language, arts and crafts and clothing.
y wearing and promoting the locally produced textiles and accessories, we are bringing the world into Africa.  As part of efforts to showcase the creativity and diversity of Africa, the Africa Fashion week which was unveiled in 2014 is holding its third edition in July- from the first of July to the third.

The Africa Fashion Week isn’t just about promoting new designers and showing off new creative ideas, it is also aimed at discussing ways to promote Nigeria as a hub for production and distribution. We Nigerians should endeavour to attend this event holding in Lagos, to support our local industry, and to encourage budding talent. Making travel arrangements is always seen as a stressful process, which shouldn’t be the case since online booking platform, Hotelnownow is available to help you with all your reservations and bookings. So, fashion lovers, fashion bloggers and fashion aficionados, I look forward to seeing you at the Eko Hotel and Suites in July!

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