BrandArena: Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Unveils Chatbots

Thursday 14 April 2016

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Unveils Chatbots

Facebook has opened up its Messenger app to developers to create “chatbots” that can be used by companies for artificially intelligent customer service.

Chatbots are automated programs that allow users to communicate with businesses and carry out tasks such as online purchases.

Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are making chatbots far more capable.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg launched chatbots at Facebook’s F8 developer conference alongside a handful of partners, including Shopify,
ecommerce site 1-800 Flowers, and cable TV news network CNN.

Zuckerberg said: “You’ll never have to call 1-800- Flowers again.”

The chatbots are part of Facebook’s effort to monetise its Messenger instant messaging app by making it the go-to place for customers to contact businesses.

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