BrandArena: Aurecon launches ‘Just Imagine’ – a future focused blog

Wednesday 2 March 2016

Aurecon launches ‘Just Imagine’ – a future focused blog

Imagine a world where the physical and digital interact seamlessly; where creativity is the new corporate currency; and where business minds take lessons from children when it comes to innovation. Aurecon’s new blog, Just Imagine, provides a glimpse into the future for curious readers.

“If businesses are to thrive in a future that is as yet unwritten, creativity must shape how they operate, and design and innovation are the tools that offers the solution,” says John McGuire, Aurecon’s Chief Innovation Officer.

For Aurecon, this means finding new ways to transform our clients’ businesses and help them become more competitive through innovation.

“Innovation is grounded on deep technical expertise, but it’s not enough to invest in being ‘smart’. We need to foster creativity, challenge the ‘status quo’, explore and experiment to envision what’s possible,” believes McGuire.

In line with this, the company’s new blog, Just Imagine, explores ideas that are probable, possible and for the imagination. Forward thinking, imaginative and innovative, the content is everything but the ordinary. It seeks to push the boundaries and imagine what might be possible if we challenge the status quo, asking “What if…?” and “Why not…?” across a broad spectrum of leadership and business theories and ideologies, technological innovations and processes.

“Aurecon’s followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are now well into the tens of thousands; and we’ve found these digital platforms a powerful way to share and connect with our staff, clients and stakeholders. The Just Imagine blog is a similarly powerful vehicle to engage with our audience around big picture thinking and ideas that will shape our collective future,” says Danielle Bond, Aurecon’s Head of Marketing and Communications.

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