BrandArena: Taxi App provides Corporate Cars on Demand to Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Monday 19 October 2015

Taxi App provides Corporate Cars on Demand to Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Transportation is one of the many bills that accrue to business owners either for moving their goods or heading out for a meeting in town. Of course the need for a car becomes eminent as a tool of service but in the early stages, it could become a burden for the company due to all the risks attached to it like car financing - if it has one, insurance, maintenance and paying a driver and the list is endless.

Now, business owners have a great alternative to using a pool car without any of the above mentioned risks attached to it. The application connects taxi drivers and passengers allowing them to experience a fast, convenient and safe ride, at just the tap of a button.

Foremost Taxi-hailing app, Easy Taxi has launched Easy Taxi Corporate. The start-ups solution for businesses and corporations. With ET Corporate businesses can save money on transportation, assign time and expense limits on employees’ official rides, monitor rides in real time and download reports with accurate reconciliation of expenses that eliminates paper clutter with a pile of receipts. Companies have been known to reduce cost up to 40%.

The corporate channel had gained momentum in just one year to over 2,000 clients and have 140 cities already offering this service to corporate clients; Nigeria inclusive; Lagos and Abuja.

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