BrandArena: Necotrans wins bid for multipurpose terminal at Kribi port, Cameroon

Friday 4 September 2015

Necotrans wins bid for multipurpose terminal at Kribi port, Cameroon

As the result of the tender launched in May 2014 by the authorities of Cameroon, the Necotrans group and the Kribi Port Multi Operators (KPMO) consortium, consisting of nine local operators (forwarders, maintenance and maritime agents) have been awarded the partnership contract for the operation and maintenance of the multipurpose terminal at the deep-water port at Kribi in Cameroon.

Located 150 kilometres south of Douala, the new port at Kribi has a draught of 17 metres. The multipurpose terminal conceded by the Government of Cameroon will initially have a quay measuring 265 metres (with 2 berths) equipped with two cranes on rails and six truck mounted cranes.

After the official publication of the notification by the Prime Minister and Head of the Government of Cameroon, Philemon Yang, on 26 August, the precise terms of the contract remain to be discussed with the authorities in Cameroon. Estimates point towards a concession of 20 years, investment of 26.2 million euros and licence fees paid to the State of Cameroon by Necotrans/KPMO.

"We are particularly proud to have joined our colleagues from Cameroon in a win-win partnership, and to have gained the trust of the authorities in the country. Kribi is the only deep-water port in Central Africa, and as such is destined to become the economic driving force of Cameroon and the sub-region, especially Chad and Central Africa", explained Grégory Quérel, Chairman of Necotrans.

After a first phase of five years with an activity estimated at 1.4 million tons of freight per year from the second year, the second phase of 15 years foresees the provision of an adjacent quay measuring 350 metres and complementary facilities and equipment for an activity that will surpass 3 million tons per year.

"Our investment will enable us to increase the pace of handling and the storage zones so that Kribi can be as competitive as possible, complementing the port of Douala", added Grégory Quérel. The multipurpose terminal at Kribi will provide work for over 250 people. The main goods handled will be vehicles, wood, cotton, mineral ore and Oil & Gas equipment, together with the materials used for the construction of the industrial zone and the future power plant that will be right next to the Kribi port.

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