BrandArena: Tired of Spending Money on Data? Here are four 3G/4G monitoring Apps

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Tired of Spending Money on Data? Here are four 3G/4G monitoring Apps

If 3G/4G are not properly monitored, there is every possibility that they can run through your data as soon as you turn on your phone. It may lead to you spending enormous and outrageous amounts each day.

The situation is further complicated when you use an Android phone. Thanks to technology, 3G/4G internet usage can now be effectively monitored via apps., Africa’s Noo 1 Hotel Booking Portal recommend some applications that can help you cut down expenses and use your data.

3G Watchdog
As the name implies, this app gives users real-time information about their 3G/4G usage. Some of the features of the application include showing the amount of data used, when data will be exhausted, the amount of sent and received data. It also rolls out information on the app that is consuming too much data. In addition, you can set a limit to the amount of data used daily. When it gets to that limit, 3G watchdog will automatically switch-off data. This service is available on both Wifi and Mobile.

My Data Manager
One unique feature of this app is that it can help monitor shared data with friends and families.  That’s if your service provider offers such a service. It also provides detailed information about your data usage as well as the rate of consumption of the person you shared your data with.

Data Status
This is another effective 3G/4G monitoring app. However, it monitors only mobile data. This doesn’t limit the functionality of the app as it gives detailed information employing tools like bar charts and pie charts. It clearly shows you the degree of your usage and it also very simple to handle.

Onavo Count
Unlike other apps, Onavo Count alerts users when they have exceeded a particular limit of set by the same user. It gives statistics on your usage when it relates to downloading music and videos with data. Onavo Count is free.

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