BrandArena: Survey rates Konga the preferred place to work in Nigeria

Friday 14 August 2015

Survey rates Konga the preferred place to work in Nigeria

A recent poll conducted by Ventures Africa, an online platform for news, analysis and discussion about African businesses, policy, innovation, and lifestyle, in conjunction with, Nigeria’s top employment website, has named, as the company of choice for young people to work for in Nigeria.

 The report, which was tagged “Top 100 companies for Nigerian millennials” and released this week, surveyed young Nigerians born between 1982 and 2003. The survey respondents rated Konga the preferred place to work for the company’s “open-door policy that allows the staff to feel comfortable giving opinions and sharing ideas.”

 According to the survey, company prestige ranked as the most significant factor in job consideration by millennials in the workforce, followed by passion and financial remuneration. The survey also revealed that millennials are attracted to high financial remunerations, but they are less likely to stay for long periods at a job if they do not achieve work-life balance or job fulfillment.

 Ventures Africa informed that the survey was conducted in two stages. The first stage measured company culture, dream-company, staff welfare, gender equality, government institution, company’s prestige, salary, and non-salary benefits.

The second stage measured the level of satisfaction, salary consideration, level of contentment, career growth, concerns outside work, and work-life balance.

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