BrandArena: FCB South Africa Named 'Top Brand Agency of the Year' Again

Monday 31 August 2015

FCB South Africa Named 'Top Brand Agency of the Year' Again

For the 3rd time in 4 years, FCB South Africa was awarded the ‘Robyn Putter Top Brand Agency of the Year Award’ on Tuesday, August 25 at the Sunday Times Top Brands Survey 2014 awards ceremony.

Recognising the creative agencies behind the big brands, the Robyn Putter Top Brand Agency of the Year Award is calculated on a points system for agencies with clients that achieved first, second and third place in the survey.

It could be recalled that in 2012 FCB South Africa ranked first; in 2013 it took second position and in 2014 it was top of the heap once more; likewise this year.

Of the Grand Prix awards made on the evening, Koo took home the Grand Prix for the Favourite Overall Brand, for the 3rd time in 5 years having also notched up the award in 2011 and 2012; Coca-Cola was awarded the Grand Prix in the Social Investment category; and Eskom the Grand Prix in the Green category.

Celebrating the agency’s achievement, FCB CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Brett Morris, said was an honour to work with the top two brands in South Africa, KOO and Coca-Cola, and the passionate people who guide them.

FCB South Africa Named 'Top Brand Agency of the Year' Again. Image credit: FCB
At the same time, it was a privilege to work with all its clients, professional marketers who appreciate the value of critical strategic thinking and long-term commitment.

In particular, he applauded Engen’s performance as it has now taken top spot in the petrol station category for five years in a row – 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011.

“Our performance last night was a result of a professional and committed client-agency relationship supported by critical strategic insights and creative advertising that touched the hearts and minds of ordinary South Africans.

“FCB enjoys long-term partnerships with clients. For example, we celebrate 55 years with Toyota and 39 years with Tiger Brands this year. These clients and their brands, as well as many of our other clients, are leaders in their sectors, but many did not hold that position before they partnered with us.

“By developing advertising that resonates with the market, we’ve helped build their brands and their businesses. It’s an impressive achievement, and one we’re particularly proud of.”
In the 2015 survey, FCB clients in the spotlight were:

• Grand Prix: Overall Favourite Brand: Koo
• Grand Prix: Social Investment: Coca-Cola South Africa
• Grand Prix: The Green Award: Eskom
• 1st: Consumer category – Long Term Insurance: Old Mutual
• 1st: Consumer category – Petrol Stations: Engen
• 1st: Consumer category – Soft Drinks: Coca-Cola
• 1st: Consumer category – Tinned Food: Koo
• 2nd: Consumer category – Sit Down Restaurants: Wimpy
• 2nd: Consumer category – Cars: Toyota
• 2nd: Consumer category – Ciders: Savanna Dry/Light
• 3rd: Consumer category – Telecommunications Provider: Cell C
• 2nd: Business category – Long Term Insurance: Old Mutual
• 2nd: Business category – Medical Insurance: Momentum
• 3rd: Business category – Investment Companies: Old Mutual
• 3rd: Business category – Cars: Toyota

From BrandArena AFRICA - We say Congratulations to FCB South Africa! Many more to come...

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